The Psalm of Elizabeth

August 2, 2021


The Psalm of Elizabeth Adegboye

Forever grateful I am!
For blind as I was,
he opened my eyes to his goodnesses; to how he’d always carried me in his arms.
Sheltered me in his secret place and kept me safe
How he anticipates my needs and provides them before I ever knew them.
Is it The evils he kept me from which I never saw.

His guiding light that has always shone in my paths making my feet sure and steady
The prayers his spirit prayed when my flesh

was too weak to do nought

I have all that I need in him;
This my safe place.

All that I ever hope to become is like him and he made me so.

That is why I can’t but
sing his praise all day long; shout his name loud everywhere I go
People may gaze at me, wondering if I lost my mind.

Oh! that they may possess this joy like a river welling from inside of me;
That they may come to know this love unconditional that opened my eyes and made me who I am now; like him
That they may know him just as I am coming into his daily knowing
Oh! That the whole world may become like

That they may get to this place;
That I am in; not just stand in awe of these things they see,
not just gape at the works that I manifest
But also be a partaker of this grace that I’ve received;
That the entire world may become one with him; just as the father and I are!

My plea is to be strengthened with might day in, day out,
to minister this life I enjoy to them; to call them into this eternal place of rest, peace and joy.
To enjoy of this grace that’s free and for all!

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