The Psalm of Elizabeth II

August 2, 2021


The psalm of Elizabeth Adelekan

My Father!
The one who didn’t give up on me till He brought me back to Him.
I was lost.
I was confused.
I gave up. I died. But He said no.

He gave me life again! Just as He did when He moulded me.
He formed me in His hands.
He guarded me. He never allowed me to slip out of His hands.

I threw all sorts of tantrums, but He loved me more each time.

The way you love me humbles me Lord.

You pay attention to every tiny detail. Nothing about me makes you tired.

You brought me out from the dead by yourself, and sought me out, and place my feet on the right path, and since then all I have enjoyed is bliss.

My maker. My Lord. My God. My Father. My friend. My super ally.
I tremble before you Lord in reverence. You’re limitless. The one with plenty names. I tried to eulogize you, but I ran out of words to describe you.
My keeper. The lifter of my head. The one who keeps keeping me. The only true God. The one who opens door no one can shut. The ALMIGHTY!
I marvel at how great you are. You’re greater than what we call greatest.

You’re bigger than what we call biggest.
You’re limitless. You extend through the universe and beyond.

I call you arugbo ojo. I call you Kiniun eya Judah. I call you adagba ma paro’oye.
The beginning and the end, and everything in between.
I will proclaim your majesty to the ends of the earth.
I will sing of your greatness to the ends of the earth.
I will be the light in the dark place.
I am available to be used by you my maker.
I release myself to you.
I am dependable. Lord, I am ready.

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