The Psalm of Elishama

August 3, 2021


Psalm of Elishama

You picked me up
You kept me up.
You refused to let me sink, I had dug the
hole all by myself, hole of different levels,
self-indulgent level, haughty level,
stubborn level.
You reached in, held my hand and pulled,
I kept slipping back in, not because
I didn’t want to know about this love that
just won’t let me go, this love that won’t
let me self-destruct.
I believed I was beyond help,
I believed I had buried myself so deep
that there is no hope of redemption.
How wrong was I?
Your love did not see the levels of dirt
and grime, No! Your love cocooned me,
Your love refreshed me,
Your love set me on a solid ground,
Your love brought thus far,
Your love showed my glorious tomorrow,
Your love guides my today,
Your love sanctified me and mine.
Now, I am dancing in the rain!
I am dancing in the sunshine!
My rainbow is dazzling with my
new name is written in it’s colours.
I did not see the curve coming,
I did not see the road-bump on
my otherwise smooth sailing
highway of self-sufficiency, just
cruising along and hard comes the
knock and I found my self flat on
my face, my whole world caved in
and I was exposed for all to see
the crumbling of all the walls
I had built around myself over the years!
You showed up over me and mine Lord,
You reached into hades and raised the
love of my life! You showed up over me
and mine Lord and showed off!
You guided my children, what manner
of love is this!
I wake up screaming your name in awe,
mercy is what you show me, every day
is opportunity to show that the circle
of complete!
Can I thank You enough?
I am chosen, I know I am precious to you,
my whole being is replete with
expressions of Your mercy,
I am chosen by You, nations look at me
and mine and they marvel at Your mercy.
I know it now, I am chosen by You!

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