The Psalms of Berthia

August 2, 2021


Psalms of Bethia

My heart, my King!!!
You lead me on.
You always remind me of your love and who I am.
I reign and rule.
Your love envelope me, my best friend, my padi, lover of my soul.

Oh!! How you warm my heart every minute, you gave me the heavens and the earth to possess, a garden to tender to.

Wow!!! So beautiful a garden, so lush, that they make the best and beautiful of dresses never seen. My heart burst with love uncontrollable, you clothe me with your Glory.

WE!! I rule in glamour and splendor, with a tap at the back, beautiful caress you say; we are living this life together…


My love letter to my Best friend

Psalm of Bethia

Walking through the hands of time, what a beauty to behold, scents of flowers all around, the sky radiant in blue, the air so light and lovely. The joy through my bones, muscles and tissues, it chokes; but I never want this moment to end.
Overwhelmed with happiness, I could dance and sing to the music playing within. Oh! people could look and glare but I am leaving in the moment.
Wow! The sight is so blissful, you can’t quantify, explain or understand it, you need to experience it to understand. The sweet smell of drops of rain. The rainbow makes the sky decorated with colors as of a beautiful garden. I live not to forget this day, wish it could be an everlasting experience and yes it is; I can only imagine.
Never loose sight of it


Psalm of Bethia
I feel the warmth all over
Like fire burning in my bones
My heart sings for you,
With body trembling, eyes hot with tears, with fire in my veins you glow in me.
It was a desire at first, then a hunger and you gave me all; You said daughter l have waited so long for you.
With open arms you beheld me.
You bring men to yourself and glow through me, I show forth your power effortlessly.
I asked for more!! And You gave me All!!
The world exclaim of your greatness through me; when they see me they see you. At my smile and touch, children are filled with joy and healed; a wonderful experience it is.
You held my hands, crowned and adorned me

We talk, gist and laugh
You hold me like a bridegroom holds it’s bride.
The world wonder, asking to know the secret, saying I look like a newly wed and I show them YOU!!
Men come to my rising, they seat and listen to you speak through means are captivated and wonder at our love.

Love so great and pure as a crysta

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