The Psalm of Abayomi

August 2, 2021


Psalms of Abayomi

I could have said yes far earlier
But my ‘no’ then has not moved Him
He waited! He waited!! He waited!!!
Even when I manage to look His side
I later knew how deep He cares
Because He never for a time left
I can’t really say why I made Him waited so

far, but His unflinching love is far greater than my resistance.
Why my heart doesn’t know early isn’t even of my own making.
Now I could not just imagine not seeing Him for second
His love has drawn me and I have been drawn to Him too
I cannot explain in detail how His presence is now all I need because His presence has become the air I breathe.
His fellowship has made me see the world how He is seeing it.
I have been labeled ‘a man with no problem’ because I cannot even imagine what is greater than Him in my life again
His love draws me daily and I am amazed to remain here.
Yes I have explored and would have loved to explore more, but indeed I have come to the resting place. I need no exploration again after coming to him, so daily, my exploration

is to look to Him for all the goodies of His life and His word and His wonders
He cares! He cares! He cares!!!

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