The Priest and The Chorister

March 2, 2022


A lady wrote to me from
one of the South Western states,
she said it was a matter
of urgency that she and her
husband met with me. I asked
her what the problem was,
she told me it had to do
with the fruit of the womb
and some spiritual things she had
been going through.

I told her when it was
likely for me to visit her
state. She said she couldn’t
wait that long. She showed up
in Lagos the following Sunday
with her husband. The young man
was wearing a Sunday suit while
she was also quite nicely dressed
in a gown. I had never
met them before and didn’t know
she was the one I had been
chatting with on Whatsapp.

After service, they came into the
office for “counseling”.
I greeted them.
The husband said “I used to
be a pastor in so and so
denomination, I enjoyed the
service you held today. The choir
sang very well and the sermon
was quite glorious. I replied
“Thank you, what do you do now?”
He said “I am now a polytheist,
I have chosen to dedicate my
life to a deity and I am
undergoing training to become
its priest. I guess this is why
my wife insisted that I come
to this church to see you,
she had been struggling with
my decision for over two years
and I don’t know why. It is
my life and I have a right
to live the way I choose to”.
His wife looked at him and
started weeping. This guy has
two Master’s degrees. He is fluent
and highly intelligent. I was curious
to know why he left pastoring
for idol worship. So I asked
him why. He said “My wife was
having some spiritual challenges and
after fasting and praying for some
years without any leeway, I told
my mother about it and she went
to consult with a priest who
told her that my family were
traditional idol worshippers before
converting to Christianity and unless
I return to the religion of my
forefathers my wife will remain
afflicted and I wouldn’t prosper
in life.

My mother called me for a
meeting and told me. She knew
it would be a tough decision
for me. After my deliberation with
my mother, I decided to honor her
according to the instructions of the
Bible by obeying her instruction.
His wife couldn’t take it anymore.
She screamed “Nothing has changed.
You left Christ for idols and
I still get afflicted in my sleep
every other night”. He replied
“Because you wouldn’t let me help you.
There are sacrifices I can do,
rites we can perform to set
you free from these afflictions
but you wouldn’t let me do them.
I told you I wanted to wash
your head in a flowing river,
you said No. Why are you now
claiming nothing has changed?
Why are you not submitting to
me as your husband? Didn’t the
Bible admonish wives to obey their
husbands and submit to them?
I have chosen my path and if
you will be an obedient wife,
you have to follow me the way
Sarah followed Abraham. Unless you
are willing to do that, then I
have several options. I am no
longer bound by the monogamist
rule of Christians. I will find
myself another wife who will
gladly obey me and follow the
leading I provide. The wife said
“You married me right out of
the choir, I was raised as a
believer, I gave my life to
Jesus long before I met you.
The person I married was a
minister of the gospel.
He was also a banker who
was great fun to be with.
This person speaking here is not
my husband,
I don’t even recognize this person
The kind of things you say
and do? This your embrace of idols
and demonic activities I cannot follow
you into it, sir. I cannot in
good conscience say that I want
to remain in this marriage. This is
why I wanted us to have this
session so that I can be guided
by the Holy Spirit.

I remember looking at this man
with my mouth wide open.
How can someone walk away
from the light only to return to
the sort of darkness his ancestors
ran away from. It was like
Judah going back to Ur of the
Chaldees claiming since Abraham
came out of the idolatrous city
before becoming the Hebrew, and
practiced Idolatry before God
called him, he was going to reverse
the order.
That would surely end in disaster.

I expressed this same opinion to
this brother, he shook his head
and said everyone has a
responsibility to himself to do whatever
he or she felt was right
for his own life.
He said “I didn’t come here
asking you to leave your convictions
and I want you to know
that I won’t leave my conviction”
“But you heard your wife, she is
unwilling to follow you in this path”
I told him”. Then it is best
that we part ways right now
because I am not willing to
go on with this marriage without
her full cooperation”
I didn’t say anything.

I asked the lady if I could
pray for her. She said yes.
We went into the church auditorium
and prayed. After the prayer
(Her husband was also present at
the prayer meeting). I asked if I
could pray with the husband.
He said No.
I told the lady the truth
right in her husband’s presence.
She nodded, wiped her tears and
walked out of the church premises
with her head raised.Her husband
laughed scornfully and walked out
right after her.

PS: This event was witnessed by
another pastor who is also on
this platform. I am happy to
announce that the power of affliction
over the lady was broken that day.
She is no longer with this man.
Eating in the dream and having
sex in the dream became a thing
of the past.
The employment challenge she had
battled with for years ended.
The Lord restored her within a year.
She got married again and delivered
a set of twins overnight by the power
of the Holy Spirit.

Glory be to God.

NB: I welcome us to the Month of
Techiya, the month of supernatural
revival. Everything you lay your hand
upon this year will experience the
Zoe reality.

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