The Pneuma

March 15, 2022


I was with my wife yesterday,
We were just chilling and watching
a TV show. Suddenly, I picked
my phone and spoke in tongues,
then I blew some air on
my phone. My wife looked at
me and said “Why did you
do that. I smiled.
A few minutes later my phone,
started beeping over and over
again. I picked the phone and
opened the text messages.
My wife saw the reason.
She said “what! You blew air
on your phone and alerts
started rushing in?” I shrugged.
She gave me her phone,
she said please blow air on
my phone too. I laughed and
said “Pray in tongues and blow
air on your phone too, it will
work for you just like it
did for me but be sure
you are doing a kingdom project
that needs money and that you
have prayed for eight hours for
those who the Lord will stir
their hearts to support the project
He has laid on your heart”
My wife paused!
Overnight I heard madam praying for
provision for the less privileged
that had written to her for
help over the months. She told
the Lord to send the means to
meet their needs and also prayed
for divine favor During prophecy hour
on Pneuma Cathedral online service
this morning, she came to me
and said “I have prayed, pls
blow air on my phone!”
I shook my head! I said
“I am in no way more
anointed than you. Blow the air
and tell the wind to bring
in the money to cater to
the need of those you prayed for.
She did and smiled.
Two minutes ago, madam called me.
She got a huge alert to
help a lady rent a house
and start a business. She said
“This is what you have been
enjoying! Wow”
I laughed. It is nothing new,
I read about it while studying
the life of a missionary who
owned an orphanage in America
several years ago. He moved resources
through prayers and I do the same,
now she is going the same.
I just desire that she doesn’t
see it as a one-off!
God is always consistent.
I don’t get what the big deal is!
The Bible says Money has wings!
If it has wings the wind
can direct it.
Song of Solomon 4:16
Awake o north wind,
awake o south, “blow”
into my garden!…
Was it not written in your Bible
that way? All we lack is
imagination and I have plenty of it.
So it doesn’t matter what you
call it. The wind responds to me.
Jesus likened me to the wind
and I am not a small wind.
Leave all the analysis please and
strap on the mind of the just.
You cannot get divine results
if your mindset is human.
I see as He sees and
I know as He knows

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