The Pneuma in Port Harcourt

September 20, 2021


5 Driving to Port Harcourt for the Gathering 2021
was an epic event
We visited Okujuga Community on Friday and
ministered the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ
I especially had an encounter with a young
man who was pumped full of drugs who was
on his way to have a fight with another guy
over a plate of food
I tried talking to him but he insisted i had nothing
to say that he wanted to hear
So i ask if i could buy him food
At first, he declined, stating that a cultist does
not take food from a Christian
We eventually got to a local restaurant
His friends were there
They were all rude and offensive but he
quickly told them to calm down and eat
the free food i was offering
I overheard them and joyfully told the
food vendor to serve them
They ate until they had their fill
I asked them if they wanted more and
the response i got was “Hey, do you
want to burst our belle ni”
I took their responses in good faith,
paid the food vendor and left
I went to talk with others and about
the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ
Suddenly, two young men approached
Abraham and Collins, they said ” What
kind of fellowship is this sir, we will
like to join”
We got talking immediately, i was glad
to see that they preserved themselves
from the ills around them
They told me they wanted to give their
lives to Christ and I led them to Christ
After this, we took pictures and exchanged
phone numbers
Just then, the cult boy and his gang arrived
They came to approach me directly and said
they wanted a word with me
These were the guys who wouldn’t even say
Thank you for the free food earlier
Their leader introduced himself and asked
me where we were from
I told him we are believers who desire to share
the reality of the light with them
He said he was willing to listen and he did
His friends also did the same
After sharing the word, they requested for
some things and I handed them over to
the daughter of Zion who invited us and led
us to minister in that community
It was an awesome experience
We returned to the Kpaghi’s residence
where we were hosted by the family before
returning to our hotel for a brief session
on practical healing
The Holy Spirit moved mightily in this session
and the event was caught live on tape
We had instant healings and manifestations
of the Holy Spirit in a huge way
The next morning we arrived at Refuge House
for the gathering as early as 9 AM
We saw the Glory of the Holy Spirit
blatantly displayed in us and through us                                                                                                                                          We had our widow’s outreach and visited the home                                                                                                                        of Sister Ibiwari later that evening
Glory be to God
Here are some of the pictures…

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