The Perils of Juggling

January 30, 2022


After sleeping with many people,
something happens to you as a person.
Something happens to your heart
Something happens to your ability to
feel right
Your essence, your core is reprogrammed
against feeling the right thing
No matter what your reason for sleeping
around is
No matter the artificial and material
benefits you got
Regardless of whether you are forced or
do this willingly
Your soul begins to cry out loud inside
your core
You begin to dislike yourself, to develop
a distaste for life
You begin to resent the image you see
in the mirror
You begin to crave a community of your
kind, to prevent yourself from drowning
You find yourself unable to keep the
company of decent friends and people
You see them as hypocrites whose
judgment you cannot bear
You want to mingle with those with
who you share a common history
You begin to frequent certain places
Noise becomes your friend
It helps to silence the outcry of your
soul temporarily
You prevent yourself from remembering
yesterday and the day before that
The faces, the rooms, the beds, the cars,
the parties, the body parts
Too much, too much
Being alone becomes a task
Sleep without chemical inducement
becomes a challenge
Your soul keeps popping up, shouting,
“I am dying, I am drowning, save me”
To cope, you compare yourself with
the wilder ones
I am not as bad as so and so
Do you know how many babes he has
I am not as bad as such and such,
she does four guys at once
Your language changes
Your perspective narrows
In the beginning, it might be about
peer pressure, the need to meet a need,
excitement, life issues, money, pleasure
In the end, everything will lose meaning,
like a bad dream
Money will no longer satisfy
Sex will become a problem
Your body would have been so tuned to it,
you will need a fix often to satisfy your
You started with a certain standard,
“I can only do these sort of guys or ladies”
It will drop as you fade into oblivion
As you grow older, you will begin to
yearn to have a life
The streets are what they are but they
represent the fringes
You will desire a level of security
If not a family, it will be a constant
source of income that does not dip or
depend on the pocket or mood of others
You will want out
The term “lifestyle choices” begins to
come into play
Consequences are a factor
The married man who has slept with all
the chicks and hens available loses
reputation, everyone knows what he
really is at his core and even though
they may not say it to his face, he sees it
on their faces
Children see who their father is and
shake their heads
You get judged by all and it tells on you
You begin to make excuses for your
life choices, just to be respected or
even tolerated or even accepted
A married woman who has slept with
all the men she can, will find herself
alone even though she may have
children and money
When people are talking about her past,
she would cringe and hush them
She cannot afford to look that far behind
Her song will be “I am getting my life
back on track”
A reality of shame and excuses
A change of the or tests
Once they come into any life, all they
do is cause death and decay
There are so many suffering from strange
afflictions today simply because they
slept with an agent of darkness
In some extreme cases, someone
looking for sex and a good time becomes
the victim of far worse people ritualists,
kidnappers, abductors, and drug lords
That path is so dark that anything can
pop up at any time
Stick with a partner, or stick with your
official partners in case you are a
The road you drive through often
during the day is the safest to drive
through at night
Always remember that a new sex
partner is a new set of troubles be it
in the short term or in the long term
I remember meeting a lady at the
hospital, her son was ill and the
doctors wanted to do HIV test for
She was literally screaming and asking
them to do any other test but that
Other people were there and they
consented to the test easily
She was the only one who was
apprehensive about it, why?
Because she was scared that her past
sexual decisions would prove to be that
costly Faithful partners have the benefit
of rest of mind
Finally, the Holy Spirit is the perfect cure
for the human condition If you have taken
the pains to read this and you need help
in any way, please send me a DM or a
WhatsApp message on +2348072744871
I love you with all my heart
Please reach out.
God bless you

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