The Making of Papa

March 15, 2022


Some people may stone me for
this but the paternity fraud issues
that we carry on our heads
betray a flaw in all of us.
Our love is selfish and only
seeks its well-being. I have
raised an adopted son, I don’t
think I saw him as different
from my biological children. 
I simply couldn’t. 
That you didn’t give
birth to children doesn’t mean
that they are not your children.
It is not only by biological
means that one becomes a
legitimate child.
The true parent of a child is
the one that raised him. Anyone
can donate a sperm but being
there to love, nurture and provide
Is what it means to raise a
child the way he or she
should go. I am the father
of all my children, either spiritual,
adopted or biological.
I learned this from God
He had a son (Teknon).
He adopted me and I became
a son (Huios).He raised me
and I became a mature son (Teleios).
God fathered no bastards and he
regarded all those who came to
Christ as “children born not of
blood or of the will of
the flesh, nor the will of man
but of God” – John 1:3.
Is it fair that a woman would
be married to one man
while sleeping with another and
saddling him with the responsibility 
of raising those children?
No pls. Can such an action
break a man to the point of
committing suicide or harming the 
said wife and even the children?
Should it break a man who
is fully in Christ?
No, not at all.
Being in Christ changes you totally,
you find yourself unable to feel
the pain that broke many who
live only for themselves and the
vanities of life.
Do you remember what God asked 
Abraham to do with Isaac?
Do you remember what Abraham 
asked God to do with Ishmael?
You must pay attention to God
and His purpose as shown in
the scriptures. Abraham presented
a son, God accepted the son
but said this is not the
promised child. 
Abraham eventually got the promised 
child and God asked
him to sacrifice that child
The life we are given is
not bios, it is Zoe!
Paternity fraud can only be perpetrated
under the bios kind of life.
To live as a mere man is
to live in the bios reality.
Zoe life is the life of God,
if it has become your life
you will no longer be so
broken by the effects of the
errors made in the bios reality.
I am not in any way diminishing
the pain of the betrayal felt by
men whose wives hurt this way.
Men also cheat with other women
and the children from such union
hurt and haunt their wives endlessly.
The bios life is fraught with pain,
misery, and sorrow. Even the happiest
of us in this bios reality still
has issues underneath our clothes!
I am married to a very faithful
woman but I have dated a
very unfaithful woman before. 
What drives a man or woman to 
be faithful
or unfaithful is not so well defined.
It has nothing to do with
religion or morals or love. The bios
reality is coded in infinite error and
The difference between our failings 
does not make any of us
better than the other.
For all have sinned and fallen
short of the glory of God.
This is why issues like this
will forever be with us and
we will even find ourselves
as the subject of such wittingly
or unwittingly!
The life we have in Christ is
a perfect life, a heart kept in
perfect peace, a lifestyle that is 
constant and consistent with the 
nature of God.
I have the Zoe life, it rids
me of human frailties and failings.
I do not see myself as the
biological son of any and my
children are now Products of that
Zoe life (I have led them to
Christ and filled them with
the Holy Spirit). Therefore it makes
no difference anymore if they
are a result of my biological life.
I cannot reject them or disown them.
Like me, they are now joined
to the Lord and one spirit
with him!
I write this to show us
the easiest way out of the
crisis that life promises daily.
Accepting Jesus as Lord and savior
is not about religion, it is
about insulating yourself from the
perils of the old life and coming
into the glory of the new life.
The life we have in Christ
is perfect! It changes our way
of thinking, our mindsets and culture
and belief system. We get a
new mind and a new source of
worth that has nothing to do
with external achievements.
This is the life I live!
This is the life you must
also live if you will not
find yourself handicapped by the
Weaknesses and misdeeds of others.
Finally, the Zoe life spurs us
unto good works and restrains us
from causing harm or injury to others 
either physically or psychologically.
Religion has shown us over and
over that, it is a fraud.
The law, fear of hell and
other doctrines have failed woefully
Unless we come into the fullness
of the gospel of Jesus Christ,
we will only be managing hypocrisy
rather than living in true liberty
Once again, my prayers are with the 
victims of paternity fraud and other ills.
May you heal quickly and bounce 
back gloriously

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