The Lure of the Loon

January 7, 2022


I have often wondered why sane people
find the mentally unstable, deranged or
raving mad people fascinating and
sometimes compelling to the point of being
Was it the lure of seeing someone whose
mind had gone off the rails or perhaps the
nakedness of their reality
It is true that we find a perverted pleasure
or curiosity in watching the mad display
their madness
A man dresses like a woman, is propped us
for the world as an example of cross-dressing
and he attains a celebrity status
Just like that…
We have a taste for the morbid and the
We like seeing broken humanity and sometimes
we like taking advantage of such
Or how else would you explain mad women
roaming about naked on the streets
Someone “sane” actually thought it was a
good idea to sleep with such a fellow
I have seen men lust after naked mad
women unashamedly before
It was as if the madness address an allure,
another layer of attractiveness to the
young woman
I saw a man park a car once and shamelessly
started to use money to engage and court
the attention of a mad young lady
People said he wanted to use her for ritual
but it was not so
She later stabbed him in the stomach weeks
later after they had sex in an uncompleted
You will have to wonder how sane he was
to be so engrossed in the world of such a
dangerous lady
Was it love?
Was it sympathy?
Was it the God complex?
The saviour complex?
I read of a lady who set her ex on fire
because he left her
Yes, sometimes fear keeps us in a relationship
with the mentally unstable
I saw a lady once telling a guy she would kill
him if he ever left her and he laughed!
She wasn’t joking and he didn’t see the
red flag!
Several cases of unstable men pouring
acid on a lady because she broke up with
them used to be rampant
We have seen cases of stabbings, skewering
and so on
I remember a case i once witnessed
This lady cheated and the guy caught her
She knew his temper was madness and
accepted that the relationship was over
Two weeks after the whole drama, she
sneaked out of her mother’s house to
this guy’s flat and this guy fed her viper
He killed her and then he went to the
police station to report that she died in
her sleep
Why did she go back?
I had a crazy rule before i got married
If you ever touch me physically with the
intention to harm me during an argument
or out of anger, that is the end of the
If I feel threatened in any way in your
company or that of your friends, i am
walking away!
I am worth one million of you put together
and i cannot allow one iron bender’s
daughter to ruin my glorious life
I have seen relatives of the mentally
unstable doing everything to get that their
mentally unstable child married too
I think this is sheer wickedness
Why package a liability
for someone’s son or daughter to live with?
I believe mentally unstable people should
get help and be healed and then they can
get married but marriage shouldn’t be part
of their therapy
Please keep away from live wires who
can snuff out your life without a second

Finally, my heart wept for the young lady
whose video i saw so full of life only to
read that she was killed and her body parts
harvested for ritual
You cannot tell me you don’t know when
you’re in the company of someone whose
only desire was to use you
Intuition is real!
Once you feel uncomfortable around anyone,
either male or female, you don’t really need
a reason to walk away from them
I met a guy once in Bodija Estate Ibadan,
we met on a football field and he was very
friendly towards me
I liked him too
A few days later somebody said this guy
lured a neighbour’s son to a place in Ijebu,
intending to use the guy for money ritual
but the voodoo didn’t work. I didn’t wait
to see if it was a rumor or not.
I shooed him off and never had anything
to do with him again
If you suspect/smell a foul play in your
guts, pls run!

PS: That woman they are listening to
in certain churches and spreading her
picture and silliness all over the internet
is not mentally okay
We all know it is not good to laugh at
mentally unstable people
Please ignore her so that she can get help
That’s how to help her!

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