The Letter

January 21, 2024


He wrote:

When you guys started having children, you flew our mother to the UK for Omugwo
Between the two of you, mummy has stayed in the UK for over 16 years because as soon as she finished nursing the baby of A, she would move to B’s house to help her nurse her baby
We were five but you ladies being the first two girls manipulated it in such a way that mummy couldn’t come to help any of us here in Nigeria to nurse our babies or care for our spouses when we got married and started having children
When Ada got married in 2011, mummy came home briefly for her wedding and then Justina gave birth and she had to return to the UK for babysitting and Omugwo duties

In all this, Daddy protested and so did we but you gaslighted us and made us feel as if we were inconsiderate
When I got married to my wife, in 2013, I wrote to you that I and my wife would need a lot of help with the baby when she delivered because my wife is an orphan
You both assured me that as soon as my wife got to her third trimester, mummy would be on her way back to Nigeria
Lo and Behold! Ada got pregnant that same month and claimed she

needed mummy to help her with her two toddlers and cannot cope without her
I was left without help and support, but we managed!
We coped
We found a way
Now mummy is sick and you guys remember we all have to contribute money for her hospital bill
Suddenly, mummy is everybody’s mummy
You have even learned how to take your babies to creche and after-school care
Mummy served the two of you,

from childhood until now, you have ensured that the last three children are outsiders of sorts to our mother’s care
I am sorry, but how is this fair?
Mummy is a gentle soul who wouldn’t want to offend anybody

Because you both share the same father, you decided we have no right to her love and attention
My children don’t know her, Bola’s children don’t know her and Mike’s children don’t know her
Seven grandchildren and even our spouses do not have any relationship with our mother
Daddy comes over often to spend time with you guys and to be with his wife but even he complains bitterly that you have somehow placed a gulf between him and his wife for the last fifteen years.
Please return mummy to us in one piece and do it as soon as possible
You have neither built her a house nor put money in her bank account
She has spent years serving you until this season when she fell ill due to the cold in Manchester
Just pray she does not die
If she does, please keep far away from Nigeria

Your Brother

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