The Lawful Captive

April 9, 2021


His wife noticed the weird behaviour
immediately after he returned from
his trip to Abuja
He started covering his head with
a hand towel at all times
When he had no towel with him
He would cover his head with his
left hand
He did it everywhere
At home, in church, and at his office
It got so bad that if while they were
in the church he was asked to join
hands with other believers to pray
He wouldn’t because his hand must
be on his head
His attitude also changed
So did his language
He started seeing demons in everything
Ladies around him all had seductive
The men around him all had the
spirit of lust
His prayer changed too
He was always binding and casting
in a loud voice
His tongues became strange, irritating
He started reading books like aiming
to decode spiritual realms and all
sorts of strange things
In his wife’s opinion, he was going
When they were at home, as a couple
He would spit upon himself and say
some strange things before making
love to her
It was irritating because it felt like
making love to a stranger
The sound he made was worse
It was like the hissing of a snake
He was a gifted musician and a
computer engineer
He consulted for churches and he
made a lot of money
He was flown to many branches all
over the nation to set up administrative
headquarters and handle maintenance
The music also brought in a lot of
money as he helped churches to train
their choir and he also taught some
private students how to play the
organ and the trumpet (His two
The sudden awareness of demons and
his erratic behaviour started affecting
the family economically
He would refuse to work with some
churches claiming their pastor was
either demonic or out to get him
It was odd
He would cast aspersions at everybody
He saw sin in everything
He picked up offenses with everybody
Family members were not spared
Even his mother and siblings
If his wife visited her parents, he would
insist she must read seven psalms and
step on salt before stapping into their
flat so that she would not bring in
demons from her parent’s house
It was that terrible
Some pastors around them said he
was growing in holiness
Others kept quiet and advised his
wife to be patient with him
After a few months, his wife noticed
a strange development
His excitement around teenagers,
especially young gullible girls
Because business was slow, he
started offering computer training
classes and music lessons to the
Many parents brought their children
and wards for the training sessions
He started preying on the young
ladies among them one by one
His wife caught him red-handed
three times, sleeping with teenagers
It was shameful!
On the three occasions, he blamed
the teenagers
He said they seduced him with their
seductive spirits as he had always
His wife was gullible enough to
Until he gained enough confidence
to start taking the young girls to
motels not too far from their house
She found out about three months
later and it broke her heart
What else was she expected to do?
She packed her bags, took their
children and left
She couldn’t cope with his lifestyle
As soon as she was gone, he reached
out to many pastors (Her father was
a pastor too and they all worshipped
in the same denomination)
The pastors called asking her to
work on her marriage and not be a
She didn’t want to tell them the whole
truth at first but when the pressure
got to a point she told them everything
How he went to Abuja to do a job,
came back home a week later than
planned and changed completely
His wife said she suspected that
he was possessed by a strange
spirit of lust which protected itself
by hiding under a pious and religious
He was seated when his wife spoke
Her words hurt him so much that
he walked out of the meeting
He couldn’t deny the accusations
but he couldn’t admit that he was
possessed by a strange spirit
It was the worst thing he had ever
been accused of
It was more hurtful than physical
After the meeting, nobody reached
out to him
He told himself he wanted nothing
to do with his wife and children
How could she expose him like that?
He was the victim and he had explained
himself to her as much as he could
Two weeks after the meeting,
he was on Facebook when the app
brought people he might know to
One of them was the daughter of one
of the pastors
He added her as friend and chatted
with her on messenger
She responded
He told her he traveled abroad but
would be coming home soon
He wanted her to send him the list
of things he could buy for her from
his location
He encouraged to name anything
The young lady fell for it and sent
him a list
Two weeks later, he told her he had
returned to the country and was
lodged in a hotel
She was to sneak out of school on
a Tuesday morning to collect the
items from him
He had forgotten that he had his
Facebook account installed on his
wife’s phone
His wife saw the messages and sent
it to the young lady’s father
The young lady’s father didn’t know
what to do
He reached out to the Brother in
Jeans and T-shirt
He said he had always felt the man’s
wife’s accusations were a bit far
fetched but the Facebook message
had convinced him that the man
they all knew in the church was not
the same man baiting young ladies
to meet him in hotel rooms
The pastor wanted to know if there
was anything that could be done
to help the man
They thought about it and prayed
about it
Two days later, the brother in Jeans
and T-shirt sent a mail to the man
asking him to come to his office for
a grant that could help him reestablish
his business and perhaps set him
back on his feet
The man showed up
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt said
“I do not know you personally sir
and the spirit of God told us not to
know any man after the flesh, Before
I can do business with you, we will
have to pray together in the spirit
until the Holy Spirit bears me witness
that you belong to him and can be
trusted with this investment.
The man became uncomfortable
All the while they had sat together
he had kept his hand to himself
with a face towel on his head
It was a choice between hunger and
After about five minutes, the man said
he was willing to pray with the brother
in Jeans and T-shirt
They joined hands and the man began
to pray in tongues
The brother in Jeans and T-shirt was
Suddenly the man started staggering
and howling
He fell on his knees and said “I am
the spirit of xyz, I took over this
posession in ABC city, he met us
at the airport and bought a ticket
so that he can travel with us to
the city we were heading to.
He spent five days with us and
he was very generous
He became our home!
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt
told the spirit to get out of the man
The man fell on his face and started
rolling on the floor
It took a few minutes but he was
After he came to himself, he asked
for his wife and children
He was told what had transpired
The man cried bitterly
He explained how after his assignment
in Abuja was completed, he sat at
the airport waiting for his flight when
four ladies walked into the waiting hall
He approached them and asked if they
could be friends
They told him they came to Abuja to
work and were heading to another
He bought the ticket to the city and
abandoned his intended flight
That was how he got into bondage
The pastor that brought the case to
the Brother in Jeans and T-shirt was
invited in
He listened to the story and said “But
this is very contradictory. You were a
tongue talking, spirit-filled believer,
how could you have been possessed by
a demon at the same time?”
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt
laughed and said “He was speaking in
religious tongues, he was never filled
with the Holy Ghost. If he was filled
with the Holy Spirit, he would have
been put off by the fouls spirits and
not attracted to them.”
The brother in Jeans and T-shirt
prayed with him and he was filled
with the Holy Ghost.
He also became quite humble
He went back to his church and
took new believers class and
Baptismal classes all over
He had learned his lesson and was
determined to grow in Christ
His business took off again, within
six months he was back on his
His wife and children were reconciled
to him
The Holy Spirit perfected his restoration.

PS: There are so many people who
spoke religious tongues, they did this
in the flesh and many assumed they
were filled with the Holy Spirit
I have spoken to so many people in
this category
They had memorized the tongues they
speak and they repeat it over and over
again like a chant
“Kurimama, surimama, Ayabandadada,
mamamamamam. ababababababab, etc”
The living water is not flowing out of
their belly, it was spewing forth from
their brains
This is a dangerous thing because
those who make up tongues are in
danger of accommodating demons
in their realities (People in this
category know themselves because
their tongue does not translate into
any tangible spiritual growth or
manifestation or quickening.
It is mere words)
This error can be corrected and the
earlier it is corrected the better
Such people should please reach
out via the following email addresses
[email protected]
[email protected], 08072744871
If you have not received the baptism
of the Holy Spirit kindly reach out too
and if you notice strange or demonic
realities in your life, please reach out
It is better to get it right than to allow
pride to keep us in ignorance and
Isaiah 49: 24 Can the plunder be
snatched from the mighty, or the captives
of a tyrant be delivered?
25Indeed, this is what the LORD says:
“Even the captives of the mighty will be
taken away, and the plunder of the
tyrant will be retrieved; I will contend
with those who contend with you, and
I will save your children





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