The Kingdom Of Feasters

January 16, 2024


“Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” – Hebrews 13:2

As I walked into the Port Harcourt International Airport premises today, I remembered something that happened to me at the airport about five years ago, something that could have cost me my life.

I was a PA at the time, working with a senior pastor. Those days we were led to believe that the more you fasted, the more anointed you became.

The General Overseer of our church is a very anointed man and he fasts a lot We all, therefore, tried very hard to follow in his footsteps.

A Christian sister reached out to me on Twitter, she was very sick and she saw me ministering to her in a vision for her healing.

Being a medical doctor and the wife of a medical doctor, she didn’t act on the vision immediately.

She opted for chemotherapy After completing the course of her treatment, she got worse.

The breast cancer had spread all over and even her lungs were affected.

This was when she finally reached out to me.

We had started holding Night of Glory services in the church I was attending at the time and the testimonies were crazy! I must confess that at the time I had never traveled by air before and I didn’t know what it would feel or be like.

So, when this woman reached out to me and asked me if I could come to Port Harcourt to minister to her in prayer and the laying on of hands/communion, I sort of dodged it.

I told her I had to get permission at work and wouldn’t know what to tell my boss I was going to Port Harcourt to do.

I prayed for her on the phone and she got a brief relief but a week later she was back.

This time her two legs were swollen and the doctors started suspecting she had developed a heart condition. Her husband called and asked me to come to Port Harcourt to minister to his wife. He said, “As long as that is what she saw and believed, please let us do it and see what God will do. If she gets healed, we will give glory to God and if she does not, we will have no regrets in our hearts. We will be able to say we did everything that we could to save her life” His words moved me deeply. I booked the travel ticket to travel the very next day. The date was December 24, a day before Christmas.

I booked the flight back to Lagos for the same day by 5 pm or 6 pm. I prayed in tongues all night, majorly to stir up my most Holy Faith and make power available for the woman’s healing but also because I was scared of flying.

Very early the next morning, I headed to the airport, and by 9 am, I was in Port Harcourt.

The lady’s husband picked me up and drove me straight to the hospital. As soon as I got to the hospital, I laid my hand on the woman’s throat and commanded her to LIVE.

Her breathing which had become ragged and faint began to pick up, colour returned to her cheeks gradually, and she opened her eyes and saw me.

Then she signaled that she would like the tubes in her nose removed. The nurse removed them and she coughed out a lot of things. Then she sat up and shakily got on her feet.

She began to take waddling steps until eventually, she began to run up and down the hospital ward, she was in.

Her roommate who was also sick saw her healing and instantly got healed too.

The whole room felt like we were thrown into an electricity vault. I had not seen the power of God demonstrated that way before in my life.

The woman settled down and said she was going home. I mean, she discharged herself. The doctor treating her was also a pastor. The man cried his eyes out. The woman’s husband who was a skeptic watched the whole scene with bewilderment.

I also watched the whole scene with befuddlement. I cannot honestly say I understood what happened in that hospital ward that day. We left the hospital.

I planned to return to the airport and fly back to Lagos but my flight back was for the evening and we were done in the hospital at about 11 am.

When we got to their house in Eagle Estate, the children and housemaid all rushed downstairs (It was a duplex) to welcome their mother.  She had been in the hospital for a long time and she was not expected to return home at all.

As soon as the children came close to us, the power of the Holy Spirit carried them. I mean, flung them in the air as if they were rag dolls and they all (including the maid) started speaking in tongues.

The woman’s husband exclaimed, “What is this” He fell on his knees and started speaking in tongues.

I was praying all this while too but the prayer was not intentional.

What I was seeing was making my mouth move on its own accord and tongues were coming out automatically. The atmosphere remained like this for about 30 minutes.

I rounded off the prayers, led the children to Christ, and explained to them what happened to them and the consequences of being baptized in the Holy Ghost.

The woman said she was hungry, they made food for her She ate and drank orange juice and water.

Her husband kept looking at her as if he was seeing a ghost.

Medically she should be taking it slow as regards eating because she had been ill and on drip etc. for a long time.

They offered me food; I was hungry but I declined. I calculated that I would break my fast later in the day at the airport. The husband went out. The wife tactically sagged me in conversation about God, the Holy Spirit, Faith, and ministry.

She told me she knew all she needed was the physical importation of power for her to be healed and since she saw the vision of her healing, she knew that was what it would take for her to recover.

Her husband returned with a big brown envelope. Money for the man of God. I turned it down (I have never collected this before in my life and I won’t ever collect it).

You can collect money if you earn it. A miracle that is wowing even you is not something to profit from. I know my boundaries!

I was driven to the airport just in time to check in.

The husband of this woman refused to leave me at the airport. He stayed with me and even called some of his friends and relatives in PH to come to the airport and meet the unknown brother who ministered life to his dying wife.

He kept sharing the testimony. He kept inviting people.

I was so hungry by this time that my legs were shaking but I felt it would be rude to ignore the people the man invited to meet with me.

To make matters worse, the flight got delayed till 9 pm.

I was ministering, praying, and counseling in discomfort.

Some folks who were also waiting around to fly recognized me and they joined the line.

Finally, at about 8 pm, I was left alone I rushed to the restaurant to get something to eat.

As soon as the food hit my tummy, I felt this searing pain.

My eyes watering, my legs shaking, and the pain was so real I saw heaven Literarily.

I started lapsing between life and death. I began to walk to and fro in front of the main entrance of the airport holding my tummy in pain.

Was I speaking in tongues? Yes, was I anointed? Oh Yes, why didn’t the anointing take away the pain?

Well… Anointing does not give one automatic wisdom.

Like any other gift that God gives us, we require wisdom to put the anointing to the right use.

The pain remained intense.

I was able to manage it somehow till the flight landed in Lagos at about 1 am (The flight was delayed until about midnight)

I learned my lesson that day in a very painful manner.

PS: I was taught about 5 years ago, that angels mingle with men during feasts, carnivals, festivals, celebrations, and jubilations.

This was why God commanded the nation of Israel to hold so many feasts as a nation.

The Holy Spirit taught me this and it is a lesson that has served me well over the years.

January will soon be here and fasting will be declared here and there in our religious houses.

Fasting is a personal thing, not a general thing Jesus fasted but he never declared fasting to his disciples throughout his ministry.

Moses never declared a fast for the Israelites throughout the Old Testament. You cannot find a general fast for any tribe or group that must be observed annually in the scriptures.

On the day Egypt lost her firstborn sons the children of Israel were feasting (Passover feast)

When you read your Bibles critically, you will notice feasts were declared for the general assembly but fasts were for individuals.

Whenever a fast was required, the individual in it or the people involved would choose to fast by themselves to make their way right and draw God’s attention to themselves.

God never told any prophet that he required a fast from the Israelites or believers before he would hear their prayers.

We choose to fast.

Fasting is generally good for the body (I have seen people who fasted and died from it before) so it is not good for everybody.

The individual must know what is good for his or her body and the limit he or she can go.

God instructed us to feast as often as possible Jesus told his disciples to observe the Holy Communion often in remembrance of him.

The Holy Communion was a feast (Not the small bread and Zobo drink we are using now) but a proper feast (Passover)

So, please fast if you must but don’t impose it on people or make them use fasting as a measure of their spirituality. It is not by fasting, it is always by the Spirit.


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