The Intervention

January 12, 2022


We were having Night of glory in September
It was an online service and I was to minister.
Thirty minutes to my ministration I got a call
from a despatch rider that he is waiting for
me at the hotel reception and I should come
down to collect an order someone made
for me!
I wanted to resist the urge to go down because
coming out of fellowship can destabilize one
sometimes but I felt the urge to attend to it
I team out of my room and dashed into the
I got to the reception, received my package
and got back to the elevators!
Usually, I prefer to ride the elevators alone
because I don’t wear a face mask and it could
make people uncomfortable but this time
I was in a hurry
I saw a couple, they were getting on the
elevator and I decided to jump into it with
them so that I’d make it back to my room on
time to minister
The guy looked at me and said
“Brother Gbenga…
They were going to the third floor and I
was going to the sixth!
I greeted him
He began to pray in tongues
They got to the third floor and the elevator
He took some money out of his pocket, gave
it to the lady and told her to go
I was puzzled
He said “I came to see you with my wife
when we were struggling to get pregnant!
You prayed with us and one year later you
dedicate our baby
I am based in Abuja and I am here for a
I didn’t ask him who the other lady was!
I was in a hurry!
I held his hand and blessed him and I left
The concierge on that floor came to
investigate what was going on because we
didn’t let the elevator move to the sixth
floor as we talked. He too began to speak
in tongues and I had to lead him to Christ.
Finally, the brother alighted and I left for
my room
I got there with five minutes to spare
before my ministration
Today he sent me this message

“Brother Gbenga, I don’t know what to say
to thank you but I must tell you that I
spent an hour this morning thanking God
for you and your life.
I cannot explain what came over me that
day, I came with my friends to have a time
out at the poolside of the hotel
Some ladies came around and my friends
invited them to sit we us.
We were having a nice time as the band
was singing and we decided to dance.
One of the ladies, the one you saw me
with touched me and said “Let is go and
have some fun” I really didn’t want to but
I obliged her.
We danced for a while and then she
asked me if I was lodged in the hotel
I said yes!
I work in Abuja but we had a seminar in
Lagos and all of us lodged in that hotel
for the seminar
Next thing I know I was going up to my
room with the lady when you met us in
the elevator.
You were not wearing a face mask like we
were and I was about to jokingly ask you
about it when I saw your face.
I recognized you immediately but you
didn’t remember me. And somehow I
came to my senses and began to pray in
I sent the lady away and you prayed
with me
I know this happened some months ago
The reason I am writing this is because
this lady wrote to me this morning asking
for your number
I have sent you the details
She is seriously ill and I could have been
afflicted if I didn’t meet you in the elevator
She said a lot in the screen grab I sent to
She really needs help
I am just thanking God he saved me from
Apparently, she used a spell and it has
backfired somehow
Thank you, sir.
Her details are in the chat I sent earlier
God bless you!”

Glory be to God!

PS: I have spoken to this lady, and i met
with her
The Holy Spirit has begun a good work in her
Blessed be the name of the Lord

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