The Important Thing

January 21, 2024



K had an accident & was rushed to the hospital.
His friends rushed there just in time to see him wheeled into the theatre for an emergency operation.

One of K’s friends, B knew one of the Doctors in the hospital & he called him up.
Then they all started praying for K…

The doctor went into the theatre and came out after a few minutes.
He pulled B aside & shook his head.
“I’m not sure K will make it! It will take a miracle for him to survive this!”

B went to the others who were praying.
“What did the doctor say”, they asked…

“Bad news! He said it would take a miracle for K to make it!”
The friends became despondent.
“Does anyone know any members of his family?” They started making arrangements for K’s demise.

At that moment, another friend, J rushed in!
He asked, “Guys! How far? How’s K doing?”

“Not good! The Doctor said it will take a miracle for him to survive!”

J said, “GOOD! LET’S PRAY FOR A MIRACLE THEN! We serve a God that answers prayers…”
He stretched forth his hands to the others to join hands with him in prayer.

The atmosphere changed!!!

The spirit of despondency lifted, FAITH was reborn in them all!
They prayed.
K survived.

That incident happened about 10 years ago…

I remember it as I think about the issues Christians argue over unnecessarily today.

We argue about tattoos.
We argue over hairstyles…

We argue over women wearing trousers.
We argue over alcohol.
We argue over makeup.
We argue over dreadlocks.
We argue over sagging.
We argue over irrelevant things!

When those friends joined hands to pray for K in that hospital, absolutely NONE of these things mattered…

No one cared if the other had dreadlocks.
No one cared if the other sagged his pants.
No one cared who had tattoos among them.

They were all joined together in PRAYER & in FAITH for their mutual friend, K who was on the surgeon’s table.

That was the ONLY THING that mattered…

And guess what?
God answered their prayer!
He didn’t care if any of them had dreadlocks.
He didn’t care if any of them had tattoos.
He didn’t care if any of them sagged his pants.

He answered them because they prayed IN FAITH!





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