The Immersion

December 24, 2020


24th December 2018, his wife and
children had gone to spend the
Christmas holiday with his wife’s folks
It was a family tradition
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt
spends the day alone, watching a
TV series and/or praying and
reading the scriptures
Before that year he used to
spend the day with an old friend
but he stopped doing that after 2017
On this day, he was lying
down on the couch listening to
some worship music when his
phone rang
The time was about 2pm
It was a woman’s voice at the
end of the line
The woman said her husband was
deathly ill and they needed him
to pray with them
He told the woman to lay her
hands on the man and he prayed
He could hear the man breathing
erratically while screaming in
pain intermittently
He spoke to the man’s body in
the name of Jesus and rebuked
the affliction
The man’s breathing became regular and
his wife happily reported that a sudden
ease came upon him
He rounded off the prayer and returned
to his musings for the day
Thirty minutes later, his phone rang again
It was the same woman
She said a few minutes after they
ended the call, her husband became
restless and agitated again
He asked the woman if her husband
was a believer
The woman said YES
He asked the woman if she was a
The woman said YES
He told the woman to lay her
hand on the man while putting
the phone on speakerphone
He rebuked the darkness and
commanded peace
The man calmed down and slept
He told the woman to persist in
prayer and not be quick to remove
her hand from her husband’s body
He rounded off the session with
In the course of walking with the
Holy Spirit, he had encountered
several types of cases
Some would be done in a minute
while others will take hours
He had read a Kenneth E. Hagin’s
testimony about a brother
The Brother was involved
in an accident at his place of work
and Kenneth E. Hagin prayed for him
all night until he was snatched from
the jaws of death
The testimony had helped him
tremendously whenever he was
ministering healing to the sick
by the power of the Holy Spirit.
An hour later, the woman called
Her husband had become agitated
He asked the woman if she had
prayed for her husband
The woman said yes
They prayed again
The husband calmed down
He told the woman he had other
brothers and sisters in the ministry
who can pray for her husband
The woman said “We have tried
many options sir, you are the
only one he has responded to
in any way”
That was how it became a whole
day’s work
He would pray for him, take some
minutes to rest, his wife would call
and he would pray again
That was practically what he did
throughout the day until 1AM on
Christmas day
He slept off on the couch with
his phone on silent
As early as 5 AM the next morning,
he woke up and started preparing
for the drive down to his in-laws
house to spend the Christmas day
with the family
His phone rang at 5:35 AM
It was the woman, she said she
wanted to see him and was already
on her way to his office
He left home and 6:15 AM
He got to the office at 6:30 AM
The woman said “Please can you
spare me an hour, we need to talk”
When they got into his office,
the woman said “My husband is
He said “Okay”
The woman said “Okay?”
He nodded
The woman said “That’s all you’re
going to say? Do you know he was
dead before I came here?
Did you see anything?”
He shook his head
The became fidgety, she said
“I know you know what is going
on here because you are a true
man of God, I have come to plead
for mercy and forgiveness of sin
I have come to set my path straight
before God and throw myself at
His feet
I don’t want to die!”
He was puzzled but he didn’t say
a word
He had no idea what the woman was
talking about
He was not the first person who has
a relationship with God and yet would
be kept in the dark about some things
Elisha experienced the same regarding
the Shunammite Woman’s son
The prophet’s lament was “And God
has hidden it from me…”
Silence when prompted by the Holy
Spirit is a key to revelations
Silence is wisdom
He kept quiet while he made sure
his gaze was fixed on the woman
The woman said “Whatever God has
told you is true sir. When we got
married my husband was a
primary school teacher
He was beyond wretched
I was a tailor at the time
I wouldn’t have married him if i
knew how poor he was
He packaged himself very well
until I got pregnant for him
After I moved in with him, I realized
I was in soup
He was always in debt
His salary was always dust even
before he received it
When my family mounted pressure
on me to leave him after four years
of cohabiting with him because
he couldn’t raise the money to do
a proper wedding for me
He ran to his village to see the elders
and he was told what to do
In short, sir, I had given birth to three
children by this time
We took the first child home and
used him to make appeasement
I mean, we used him to aid my
husband’s destiny sir
That was what the oracle said
We must use his blood to buy him
the aura of blessing
He had been told that he can never
prosper due to a curse that had been
placed upon the family for several
generations over a land dispute!
Things turned around after that
We got money and he was able
to do the marriage, start a business
and build three houses
One in his village, one in his
Father’s compound and another
one in Lagos
The appeasement was to last for
seven years
This year was the seventh year
We were told that we would use
a cow to do the appeasement this
time around
We did everything that was required
Three weeks after the appeasement
was done, my husband fell sick
We did everything we could to help
The elders said it was a strange sickness
It means the appeasement failed and
there was nothing else to do for him
I rushed him to the hospital but nothing
That was when i called you
Your prayers were the only thing that
gave him some relief in many days
I had planned that we would bring him
to your office this morning for total
deliverance but he gave up the ghost
around 4 AM
From the moment he died i have been
feeling this chill in my bones
I have a strong premonition that I will
die just as he did
This was why i came down to throw
myself at the feet of God
Mercy is all I desire”
He looked at her and said “You should
have told me the truth from the
beginning so that I will lead your
husband out of darkness into the
light. I asked you if you are a believer,
you said yes and you also said your
husband was a believer
“I believed you but from your story
you guys are unbelievers”
“We attend church sir, we give to
churches and God’s work” She replied
He smiled and shook his head
He prayed with her and led her
to Christ
He told her the money she and her
husband made with blood will be
carried away by a strange flood
She said the money had brought
her no joy
She really wanted nothing to do
with it
She got baptized in the Holy Ghost
and the mark of death was wiped
off her by the blood of Jesus
She went home around 10 AM
After she had left, he drove to
spend Christmas day with friends
and family members
Five months later, the woman came
to the office with her two children
She said she will be relocating to
Canada with her two children
Her older sister had done all that
needed to be done to help them
She brought her children to him for
his blessings
She told him her late husband’s
family members chased her out
of his house and took over
She said she didn’t struggle with
them because she knew they
were quibbling over dust
Within two months after she moved
in with a friend, everything had been
sold off while the house in her late
husband’s Father’s compound had
been demolished
She moved to Canada with her children
in July 2019 and had been waxing
stronger in her walk with God daily

PS: My mother is 70 years old today
Christianah Folake Abiodun (CFA),
the mother of Gbenga Samuel-Wemimo
was born this day in 1950
As at 1979, she was a muslim who
was married to a nominal Christian
who only saw religion as a choose
a side thing
She had given birth to three girls by
this time and was determined to
give birth to a boy
She was at home one morning when
she heard a preacher on the street
announcing a three days revival
The Preacher was Prophet S. K.
My mother was drawn to him and
went for the crusade
At that crusade, she gave her life
to Christ and joined CAC Agbala
A month later she got pregnant
with me
Four months into the pregnancy
as she was praying, a toddler
walked up to her and hugged
She said the Holy Spirit told her
I am giving you two boys and they
will both be instruments in my hand
She asked if they would be twins
God said to her, they shall come
one after the other
I was born on April 24, 1980
My younger brother David Sowemino
was born on April 18, 1982 (year 2000)
He became a born again Christian
at the age of 18 when he was the
President of the Royal Ambassadors
at the University of Ibadan Baptist
He led me to Christ just before he
graduated from Bowen University
in 2007
My Mother prayed both of us into
God’s will
She waged war with prophecy until
prophecy was fulfilled over her
two boys
Today, she supports and prays for
us daily as we take the gospel all
over the world
Mummy, Great is your reward here
on earth and at the judgment seat
of Christ.
I am blessed you are my mother
The whole world is blessed by
the Holy Spirit at work in you
I love you mummy
Happy birthday

Announcement: I will be
ministering with Modupe Samuel,
Victoria Orenze and Femi Oladehin
at Theikos Doxa Evangelical Mission
No 22 Funsho Williams Avenue
Opposite Maldini Granites, Surulere
Lagos on the 28th Of December
2020 by 5pm
It is not just a concert
It will be an immersion into the
Holy Ghost
Kindly make plans to be there









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