The Hireling

June 20, 2022


My mum told me she didn’t go
to her church in Texas for
three months. I asked why
She said her pastor invited another
pastor to minister in the church
and this invited pastor said
“Empty your pockets, this is not
God speaking, it is me.
I want to ride Range Rover
this year”

My mummy said she thought it
was a joke until the ushers took
offering baskets and started going
round the church to collect money from members.

She said she carried her bag and
left and refused to go back to church
since that day

I laughed and said “It means
your pastor does the same thing
when he ministers in other
people’s churches.

My mum said “That must be true
because I know you would have
thrown him out of the church
if you were the pastor”

A mother knows her children!

PS: I was invited to a church once
to minister, the pastor told me
the members are not givers.
He asked me to appeal to
his members to give to a building
project they were doing.

I ministered as led by the Holy Spirit
and gave the church the money
needed to complete the project.

That is the gospel!

If I don’t have the money I will
give whatever I have.

If I don’t have anything at hand
I will prophesy over the project
and assure the pastor resources will
come (and the resources will)

That is how to preach the gospel
and not make a mockery of the pulpit.

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