The Gathering 2021: Abuja

November 7, 2021


The first time I was invited to minister
in Abuja
I invited myself
A pastor friend told me he had been
invited to minister in Abuja and I said
“Can i come along? I’d pay my own
plane ticket fare”
The Pastor asked the minister that
invited him if he could bring a friend
The pastor said “Yes”
When we got to the venue, I was given
fifteen minutes “polite minutes to
introduce myself and address the
I took the microphone and began to
sing in tongues
I sang in tongues for fifteen minutes
and the atmosphere of the service
The power of the Holy Spirit engulfed
the gathering and manifestations of
Glory erupted among the people
After the service, the queue waiting
for me was quite long
Some students of pssbc also came
around they immediately started
ministering with me as the Holy Spirit
cleared cases by his power
The second time I was in Abuja
A lady invited me to minister to her
I did and after a few days, the result
was so loud that when my Parish
pastor at the time heard it, he said
“God has called you into a unique
ministry, we cannot deny that!
I bless you and release you to fulfil
the plan of God for your life in Him!
The gates of cities opened to me
of their own accord by the power of
the Holy Spirit
I began to travel to Abuja for GSWMI
hangouts and people would turn
up massively
I used a church as Jabi and a hotel
and Wuse Area 1
Last year, a honourable member of
the House of Representatives decided
to host us on October 30
That was how the GSWMI Gathering
kicked off
This year, the gathering was held at
Hossanna House
The miracles were pronounced
After the meeting, two churches
approached me and offered to host
us next year for free
The miracles we saw this year and
the testimonies that we received
are a testament to the faithfulness
of God
Here are some of the pictures from
the events we had in the capital city
We dedicated a miracle baby, we dedicated
a house, we visited an orphanage,
and we had the gathering.
Glory be to God

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