The Fight of Faith I

August 3, 2021


The battle for faith is a crazy one
The battle of faith is not a joke
Imagine your wife pushing in the hospital
Her mother calls you and said “Why are you
so cheap, my daughter must not die!
Why didn’t you register her at the hospitals
where there are many specialists
Do you think the name of Jesus deliver babies?
Imagine having the baby
A doctor walks in and says baby has jaundice
You say NO way
Doctor says you have to take baby for phototheraphy
You say No way
Doctor says you have to sign that youre the one
who didnt obey her instruction when the baby
develops complications
You say “Shut up doctor”
Imagine that the baby didnt develop any complication
You get home
Your mother in law shows up to come and bathe
the baby
She says the baby had temperature and has to be
rushed to the hospital
You say No
Your mother in law says you’re rude
Your wife begins to cry and call you mean
You carry the baby into the car and drive around
for an hour praying in tongues
You return home, the baby was calm and asleep
Your mother in law says “Can you see how the treatment
You wife says “And you said mummy was saying rubbish”
But you couldn’t tell them
That all you did was drive the baby around and pray
in tongues

Imagine fighting this battle daily and constantly
Celestial mindset vs Terrestrial mindset
You say “We will get a new car in a few days
Your husband says “Go and get a job and stop babbling”
The new car arrives as you said
Your husband says it must be a gift from your sugar daddy
You say “Honey, can’t you see, i got this gift
because we need it to cope with the new baby
and it is from a reliable source
Your husband says “Nothing goes for nothing,
return that car immediately”
SO you return the car just to keep your home

Imagine you both go to church
Pastor climbs the altar and started firing
enemy prayers
You keep praying in the spirit
Your husband says “Why are you always
praying in tongues?
What is it and this your tongues obsession
You’re over doing it
I dont want to hear tongues in this house again
Yada Yada Yada yada
Shut your trap
In fact, dont join that online fellowship again
It is not part of our denominaion

Imagine you get a phone call
“The doctor says the baby had died in the womb
that we must evacuate”
You said “THat’s a lie”
Five minutes later, your wife walks into the
room and said “I sent so and so fifty thousand
naira to support them for the evacuation of
the pregnancy
I wanted to inform you
The wife called me and told me about the
doctor’s report and i felt they should remove
the baby as soon as possible”
You open your mouth and you
can’t close it
YOu had been praying in tongues and
expecting a miracle
Yet the sabotage happened right under your

The fight of faith!

Jesus fought this battle in his time, he was called all manner of names!
Crazy, demon possessed, drunkard, belzeebub,
The way of the faithful and the way of faith is not always the same
The Jews were faithful in religion
Jesus was a man of faith
Clashes here and there
Everything he said was questioned
Everything they did stank to him
He called God his father, he was almost stoned to death for it

Fear is faith in the ability of the devil instead of faith in the ability of God
Family members have more fear than faith
His disciples had more fear than faith
His family members feared the temple priests
His disciples feared Rome
But He reckoned not with either
Making himself a convenient target
Some called him reckless, others called him a rubble rouser, a dissenter, a trouble maker and yet all he did was walk in faith

Job was a faithful man but not a man of faith
He said his mind was not quiet and he had no rest even when things were going well with him
But the Bible records that those who trust in the most cannot contemplate the fear of evil
Are you fighting the fight of faith?
Are you winning or drowning

Imagine your daughter started behaving in a certain way
Family members all say she has an issue
Your Christian relatives said take her to the doctor now
You did and you were told she has cerebral palsy or autism or any other condition
You laugh it off
Your wife starts to cry in acceptance
Would you be kind and say “What will be will be”
Or would your roar and say “Stop crying woman!
My own child is normal”
Say the child is normal at the end of the day but the wife insists that you embarrassed her in front of people at the hospital and she wants a divorce?
Another battle of faith begins

Say you have been trusting God for a better job or a promotion
Your husband is in the same line of work as you
He told you if you don’t Hager your ICAN or MBA you should forget it
You kept declaring and you get it
Then he loses his job and says you’re using his glory
You try to reason with him but he wouldn’t be bothered
He left the marriage, labeling you a witch or a diabolical person
Imagine the tears
Imagine your decision to stop praying
Imagine your decision to beg him to come back
Imagine returning to the celestial church just to please him?
This fight of faith!

Imagine trusting God for a baby
Waiting and waiting and waiting
Sowing seeds and winning souls
Yet the fulfillment tarries and an unbeliever in your placebos work did something wrong
You give such a query and the response was
It is because of your wickedness that you don’t have a child
The word hits you to the bone
You cry your eyes out
Then you decide you must have a child
Either by hook or crook
Regardless of the source
The word of that subordinate broke your faith in pieces
You get weary and resign yourself to faith
The fight of faith

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