The Fight of Faith 2

August 3, 2021


The couple came into the office
The husband said “I have battled with depression
and psychosis for over ten years
For this reason i am always withdrawn and
I want to engage and interact but I find it hard
to do so like other people so I keep to myself
Then I came for one of your programmes
six month ago
I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit
I began to pray in tongues and read my scriptures
for several hours a day
We were on lockdown and i would normally work till
5pm from home and then sleep or start thinking
about many things
But I find myself unable to go back to this routine
I started practicing the presence of God regularly
Listening to worship and praying in tongues
Just soaking in God’s presence
My life has been transformed, i am full of joy
and gladness, my marriage has been totally
transformed for this reason
We are having better days and glorious memories
But my wife is unhappy
I turn to the wife…
Why are you unhappy ma’am?
The wife says “He took himself off his medicines,
for six months! I am very concerned sir
I am not saying God cannot heal but i also know
that people suffering from mental health have
their high and low spell
Sometimes they are excessively happy for a period
and then they swing in another direction
This is the happy spell, i can see it has lasted
for several months and yes it looks like the real
deal but i cannot risk him being off his meds.
What if he suddenly relapses and stabs me to
death or harm the children in any way?
Faith does not mean foolishness
He has to get back on his meds before i can
feel safe living in the same house with him
I do not believe he can be healed just like


I tried to share examples of healings from
the scripture, she countered everything by saying
that she is a medical personnel and therefore
knows what she was talking about

I said okay
I told the husband to return to his meds
I prayed for them
They left
They got home and the husband started pretending
to use his meds
She kept refilling the meds and he kept tossing
them in the toilet but she was happy as long as
she saw that he was “using” them
One year six months later, i was invited to
their baby dedication
She was radiant
Her husband said he had a secret he wanted
to disclose to both of us
He brought out packs of drug containers
with dates and told us he was at first tossing his
drugs in the toilet and later started keeping them
as evidence so that he can convince his wife that
he was fine
His wife’s eyes turned red
You have been off your meds for two years!
No wonder you were dancing in a funny way
in church
The husband couldn’t believe it
They had spent the first two years of their
eight years marriage in which he didnt break
down or got committed to the hospital for any
form of illness
There had been years he was in and of of the
hospital for as much as four times a year
but he was free and his wife still couldn’t see
That night, his wife went back to her parent’s
house with the baby
She said she doesn’t feel safe with him
anymore especially because they have a
new baby
He cried his eyes out
He said he wished he never told her the truth
He did so only to convince her that he was
fine so that they would stop spending so
much on drugs
She never returned to him
A few months later she relocated abroad
with their two children
He waited a year and remarried
The new wife met a whole man and married
him as such
She never knew the days of sickness and
psychotic break so she enjoyed her husband
and they waxed stronger daily
Their marriage is four years and they
have three children
His healing has proven to be permanent

The fight of faith

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