The Dance

December 30, 2020


On the pinnacle of the love mountain
Where the apex touches the wandering
cloud and the north star twinkles in
Here the spectacular beam of the sun
creates a stage
A stage for the King and I
As our eyes meet to dance harmoniously

Dorn in white with our hands locked
His brass limbs move perfectly to the
melodies of a song yet unheard
The rainbow of his glory came alive
moving circularly on his head
His eyes of fire was like red ruby stones
melted in the liquid of love at the
fountain of life
While we are covered in the cocoon of
his lightening
It’s a thunder of fire gleaming


The spectators of Malaks wearing their
reflecting white apparels
Like lusters of white diamonds made alive
Their faces drowned in joy as they watch
The worship of the Master is actively in motion

My lungs expanded taking in the air of
his presence
His presence was loud like the trumpet
of an elephant, yet quiet like the
warbling of hummingbirds
So serene, so peaceful, so joyful
Dance with me prince of peace

He held my back, and tilted me backward
to a rapturous screech of the golden
eagles overhead
Oh what a beautiful waterfall at the side
of the mountain with colourful reflections
As the end culminated in giggling session
on the green grasses on the mountain

It’s a dance I’ve imagined with you my lover
It’s a dance I want to have with you
Where nothing else matters any longer
Just you and I


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