The Cloud of His Presence

January 15, 2022


I went to Sagamu today for a brief
At the meeting, a brother said “GSW,
you need a shave o”
I said “Yes pls, I plan to visit my barber
in Lagos later today”
The person said “Come and be a blessing
to my barber pls”
I said “Okay”
So we rode together to his barber’s shop!
My barber in Lagos charges 5k per haircut
This one charges 500
He got to work and he did a fantastic job
When he was done, I offered him 5k
He said “No sir, we charge 500 Naira here”
I said “I know but I cannot cheat you
He looked at me suspiciously
Apparently, this is an election year and the
folks in Sagamu are quite superstitious
about “freebies” so that somebody will
not use them to make money or take
their glory to get into political office
I said okay….
So I looked for 500 Naira and offered it
to him
As he was about to collect it a young man
walked in
The young man recognized me and said
“Brother Gbenga, wow, what are you
doing here”
I said I came for a meeting and decided
to have a haircut
The guy that brought me to the saloon
had a meeting and had to rush off
The guy said “Please pray for me.
I have been feeling this
pain in my chest for weeks and the
doctors couldn’t find anything wrong
despite all the X-rays I did.
I said “Okay”
We prayed and he got healed by the
power of the Holy Spirit.
This barber had stood aloof watching us
When we were done and the person
I prayed for was rejoicing
The barber said “Sir, pray for me too”
He had an STD that had defied
medication for several months
We prayed and I asked him to go
check himself (He said he couldn’t
urinate without feeling a burning
sensation before we prayed)
He left and came back shouting
“Ehhhh, mo ti gba Dollar (I have collected
dollars) or was it Mo ti na dollars
(I have spent dollars)”
I cannot place the words exactly but
he said it was a song by a secular
I spoke with him and he gave his life
to Jesus
He carried my clipper bag and followed
me to my car
I offered him the 5000 Naira again
This time he said “Sir, I don’t
want to collect it but you’re a Man of God
and I am happy to receive your blessings
instead of money”
I said “No! I will bless you but I will not
cheat you.
My barber in Lagos charges 5000 and you
deserve this money”
His face lit up and he collected the money
I blessed him and left
PS: I got caught up in a hold up afterward
and didn’t make the wedding party I was
planning to attend at Channels TV road.
But it was worth it.

PS: This is wishing brother Sola Ogunye
a happy married life.
I will come and visit you and madam at
home soon sir!”


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