The Call of the Son

March 20, 2021


A violent displacement of the seafloor
The sudden and drastic recession of
the ocean level — a harbinger of death
A surge of mammoth waves moving
Its evil intention eerily visible in its
beautiful and deadly posture
Lounging on the white beach taking in life
A life the wave will snuff out in a minute.
Fangs of teeth sharp as tungsten needles
and tough as a titanium
When sunk in the soul bore through
easily shattering order and configuration
The body opens up to an extensive decay,
shutting down because it couldn’t resist
Pity, another one flushed down the drain!
Using simile, the manual likened him to a
roaring lion always prowling — he’s not a
lion but “he is like one”
He is a snake that has been trampled on
Yet, he still calls the shot over you
He controls the destructive orchestra by
hitting you over and over again
No, he won’t stop.
Take a strong stand today
There is a light so terrific in its showing
Blinding to the physical eyes of a mortal
It dwarfs the luminosity of all the starry
hosts of heavens in their beautiful arrays
It’s the indelible light of the Father
In this light, the snake has no minute
hold over you forever.
Come to me son
Come to me daughter
With my arms wide, I will take you in
Imparting you with eternal life
For I have loved you with an
everlasting love

The devil does not know how to stop
He does not know a kid, an adult, an
old person
He does it over and over until that person
is fully destroyed
However, he can only do it to someone
without eternal life or someone without

Jesus said, I am the vine and you are the
branch. The vine and the branch are one —
same life goes through them.
Be part of him today by simply asking him
to come to your life. If you just did this,
congratulations! Please reach out to me
my dear new sibling whom I love.


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