The Call of the Call Girl

November 27, 2021


Something happened early this morning, we
had an online service that ended at 11:45pm
I had spent all day in my hotel room preparing
and praying for this service When we were
done, everybody was excited and feeling the
buzz of the Holy Spirit We couldn’t sleep
We kept sharing stuff on the group chat and
then the testimonies started dropping from
all over
When it was 12:30, I decided I had to leave
my room and take in some fresh air
I usually do this by the pool of the hotel
The Friday night crowd would have left and
from experience I know I will have the place
to myself
I was wrong
When I got downstairs, there were about 50
people of all nations still engaged in
Thank God it’s Friday stuff
I found a chair far from the crowd and sat
The crowd began to disperse after a few
I was just praying in tongues and feeling all
the vibes
Suddenly the crowd was gone but four ladies
remained behind One of them approached me
She asked if I had a cigarette I told her
I don’t smoke
She asked what I was drinking
I said water
Then she sat down on the chair next to me
She said her name was Barbara
I said okay
She asked me where I came from
I told her
She asked me what I do for a living
I told her
She asked me how long I was spending
in the hotel
I smiled
She said she is into fashion but Covid-19
happened and she began to do other
stuff to keep body and soul together
I had no clue what she was saying
(Please don’t get me wrong, I have seen
commercial sex workers before and I
kind of know their general way of talking
and acting, she didn’t look or dress the type)
The hotel too is quite classy and I didn’t
expect such there
So I asked her what other things she does
to make money and she said “What do ladies
do to make extra cash by the side at this
time of the night”
Yeah, like “why are you asking me a foolish
That was when it dawned on me that she
and the other ladies came to catch foreigners
in need of a warm body for the night.
I said “You came here for the white guys, right?
She said “Those girls over there did but I
came to have some fun and a joy myself”
By this time she started talking about
growing up being tough and not having
anybody to help her I didn’t say anything
(I was kind of hoping for a Jesus by
the well experience where I would dazzle
her with word of knowledge and get her
to become a Christian but it didn’t happen)
I was by this time feeling sleepy, so I told
her I’d like to get going I stood up to
leave and she said “Shall we” I stopped
and turned “Shall we how”
She said what’s your room number so that
I can register at the front desk for your
protection I started laughing
I said “You have misunderstood me somehow,
I am very married and even if I am not, this
sort of thing is not in me”
She said “Don’t you want to see my beautiful
I smiled and shook my head
Then she said “You know there are many
guys I could be with tonight and I chose
to be with you and you want to leave me
stranded here”
I said “Good night”
As I turned to leave, she said “I make love,
I don’t have sex and I have protection
So can I come?
I didn’t bother waiting, I was already on
the move
Then she made a mistake, she sprinted
towards me and held my hand (not violently
but with enough force to get my attention)
She went facedown and started rolling
on the floor
A waiter saw it and so did one of the elevator
The waiter came around and asked what
the issue was I didn’t answer him (I knew
he saw what happened and most likely
knew her because he was the one that
escorted the three other ladies away
from the pool side some minutes earlier
I just watched her
After about three minutes, she opened
her eyes and said “Are you a pastor?”
I shook my head (I am really not one)
Then she said “On October 1st, I met
a man who gave me money to celebrate
my birthday.
I am 40 years old.
I did the party and the man came with
his friends and took us out and spent a
lot of money!
I was so drunk I didn’t know how I got home.
I woke up the next morning on the floor
of my kitchen, I had assumed I was in
the room until I felt the cold tiles of my
kitchen floor.
Since that day I have been sick.
Some of my friends said the man’s money
was not pure and that was why I got sick
I went to see a man and I was told I have
to sleep with someone and push what was
done to me to the person.
I am sorry, pastor, I didn’t know you’re a pastor.
I wouldn’t have come for you…
She then began to cry I laughed and asked
her to stand up to her feet
I asked her to come close and I held her
two hands I didn’t say anything, she began
to tremble and cringe.
I asked her to say “Lord Jesus, I accept
you as my Lord and Saviour and I receive
total forgiveness for all my sins I held her
hands again
This time she began to cry and
speak in tongues After a few minutes, she
was back on the floor, rolling and praying
I dropped the cash in my pocket with the
I asked him to give it to her for her transport
fare whenever she was ready
I got to my room by 3:15 am, thanked the
Holy Spirit and slept off.

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