The Booby-trap

February 14, 2021


Question: Will a believer still bear
the consequences of his or her
sins with God if such commits any

Answer: You know there are sins
against God and there are sins against
men and if you sin against God he will
forgive you but men don’t always forgive.
For example, if you stole something
God will forgive you but the law may
not forgive you, you may be taking to
court you may be found guilty and
even put in prison now those are the
consequences of your sin but this
time is a bridge against the law.
So you have to understand it
depends on the sin from God’s side
he holds nothing against you
anymore but you know man has a
different standard, so it depends
on what kind of sin we are talking
about if it offended a human being
he may lets you go even though
God but man have rights in their
world so it depends on what kind
of sin it is but be sure of one thing
that God will not hold those things
against you after he’s forgiven you.
There will be no consequences
from God’s perspective.
However, the believer who is
committing a transgression will
drift away from God.
Sin hardens the heart; stiffens the
neck and creates a gulf between
the believer and the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit will not be a partaker
of any man’s sin against other men
and God
He does not desert the believer but
until the believer turns from the way
of wickedness in repentance, the
Holy Spirit will go quiet
The carnal spirit or human spirit will
take over the affairs of such a man
throughout that season while the
Holy Spirit will try continuously to
reach the same man through his
conscience and other believers
pleading with him to turn from the
path of evil
Separation from God is the most
dangerous consequence of sin
from the believer (Note that this
happens automatically when the
believer starts making choices
that is not in line with the reality
of the Holy Spirit.
It is not a punishment God
deliberately inflicts the way some
husbands will give their wives the
silent treatment or the cold shoulder
syndrome!) If we are traveling
together in the same vehicle and you
decide to drop along the way, from
the moment you dropped we will no
longer be together and the longer
I drive away from you, the more the
distance between us will grow.
This is how sin separates a believer
from God
Inevitably, the consequence of sin
will come upon that believer
Sin had been programmed to heap
burdens and yokes upon its victims
The farther a believer is from God,
the more hopelessness and despair
overwhelm such
When such gets to his or her
breaking point, he or she will find
a way back to God
This is what is called repentance
Like the prodigal son, sin can be
enjoyed for a while but it is a killer
A mother introduced her daughter
to me some years ago after one
of our Night of Glory meetings
The family (This mother and her
two daughters) were located in
The first daughter had gotten a
job with an auditing firm in Lagos
and the mother was worried that
the lure of the city might sweep
her off her feet
She had tried very hard to bring her
children up the Christian way but
she had always noticed that this
young lady had a wild streak in her
I spoke with the young lady, she
said her mother was being paranoid
and I should tell her not to worry
I prayed with them and this young
lady got filled with the Holy Spirit
I made sure I followed her up for
weeks and prayed with her until
she settled into the city life
Things were good for like a year
Then her mother came to Lagos to
visit her and saw that all her gown
had become short gowns, she had
wigs of crazy colours, strange
makeup stuff and so on
The mother arrived on a Friday
By the time she got to her daughter’s
flat (She had a key), the daughter
had gone clubbing
The daughter returned early in the
morning drunk and slurring her words
The mother nursed her
When the daughter recovered she
lashed out in self defense
the mother was patient.
The mother noticed that her
daughter’s phone kept ringing
Many men were calling
Three men came calling and it was
obvious to the mother that the men
were married
The mother reached out to me in
“I have gotten it wrong, this was
not what I raised my
daughter to become….”
I told her to relax
I was so sure her daughter would
get overwhelmed
Sin is the grandfather of wickedness
and heartlessness
Those who indulge in it are casualties
in the long run
I told the mother her daughter would
be broken by sin, all she needed to do
keep her loving arms wide open to
receive her back with love
I prayed with the mother and tried
several times to reach the daughter
on the phone
She neither picked my calls nor
called back
So I prayed for her and left her to
enjoy her life…
While waiting for midnight today so
that I can send my wife a love
message congratulating her on our
11th Valentine’s day together, this
young lady called me at 11:53pm
and cried till 1:30am
Sin had done what it does not fail
to do
Her heart had gotten broken by a man
she had been with for seven months
who pretended
be single while he was seven years
The story is long but in the world, such
things are fair game
It is to be expected that the children of
darkness will do darkness because the
darkness is their nature
I told her the rules of the game in the
world is different
You cannot choose to play by their
rules and cry foul when the
consequences hit
She had gotten pregnant for the guy
at a point and the guy had practically
drugged her to get the pregnancy out.
The abortion thing coupled with her
conscience made her feel she had to
stay with him
It was a mixed bag
She said “Brother Gbenga, will Jesus
take me back? I am tired. I cannot
stop crying
I have lost my peace and joy.
I did a lot of things but it just felt as if
I cannot stop sinking!
I miss my fellowship with the Holy Spirit.
I miss God. I am so sorry…”
That is what we call repentance.
She was genuinely sorry and wanted
to be restored to the father of light in
whom there is no variableness or a
shadow of turning
I led her back to Christ (This is what
Apostle Peter called obtaining Mercy)
and I prayed with her
Within a minute she was praying in
tongues while crying profusely over and
over again
“Lord Jesus, I am sorry. Holy Spirit I
am sorry”
She was able to sleep at 1:30
She slept off while we were still speaking
This morning, her mother had already
arrived in Lagos
She was in Ibadan when I called to give
her the good news at 5AM
She and her driver got on the road
almost immediately
(Oh the love of a Christian mother,
God didn’t punish her and God will
never do so
Sin bears in itself the booby trap that
attracts to its perpetrators all sorts of
bee stings, venom, and poisons
God does not have to do anything but
wait, just like the prodigal son’s father
The lost will eventually return home
needing help
When such returns, we will love them
and show them heaven in us

PS: The GSWMI Single’s Summit
had a wonderful Valentines Day
at the Lekki Conservation Centre
It was fun celebrating the love of
God together and fellowshipping
with the Holy Spirit

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