The Blur

December 23, 2020


Some years ago, I had to travel
with my former boss to minister
We went with two other people
On our way back from the journey,
one of them told my former boss
he defied his pastor to travel with us
Apparently, his pastor had placed
him under correction for an issue
The “punishment” was for him to
be in church every Sunday for
three months until the issues had
been resolved
He damned the consequences and
decided to call the pastor’s bluff
He was an anointed minister of God
and nobody had the right to place
him under any form of punishment
My former boss was furious when
he heard
He claimed the guy’s move was
foolish and all
I felt my boss was exaggerating
The ministration we went for was
a success and the guy ministered
very well
Five or six weeks later, a young lady
came to see my boss at the office
She was a member of the church
where we went to minister with that
She was in the choir in that church
She came bearing a grave message
She was pregnant and the guy we
went to minister with was responsible
for the pregnancy
What? How? When?
The lady said he collected her phone
number the very day we went to their
church to minister and things escalated
from there
My boss called the guy’s number
He didn’t pick
My boss called the admin officer of
the guy’s church and got the phone
number of the guy’s senior pastor
My boss asked the senior pastor
what crime the guy committed
before the suspension and punishment
The senior pastor said a lady approached
the church claiming the guy had an affair
with her and she had gotten pregnant
for him
The pastor said they did a thorough
investigation and found out the lady’s
claim was true
This was the reason for his suspension
and punishment
My former boss asked for the phone
number of the lady
He called her
She said she had gotten rid of the
She said a lot
My boss called the phone number of
this guy again but he didn’t pick, so
my boss called his wife
(The guy’s marriage was less than a
year old)
The wife drove down to the office
She said her husband suddenly
changed after the first three months
of marriage and she couldn’t explain
why but she knew it had something
to do with a lady that he was dating
before he married her
So where was he? My boss asked
His wife said he was back with the
lady in question
She said he just packed his bag one
morning and left to be with the woman
She had no idea that the lady she
saw at the reception was also
claiming to have been impregnated
by her husband
My boss took some time to think
about it
After about 30 minutes, my boss called
a friend of his who had some connection
My boss said he wanted the guy
picked up and brought to his office
(Not to be roughly handled)
They brought him in at about 2pm
He was not told why he was arrested
When he saw the pregnant lady and
his wife sitting together in the reception
of our office, he stopped walking!
His body language confirmed that
the claims were true
My boss invited him into a closed-door
session that lasted for two hours
At the end of the meeting, my boss
gave him a letter to his pastor
He was seriously admonished to
serve his punishment with the church
and move back home to his wife
My boss said “The spirit of error had
taken him over and he would continue
to bring injury to those around him if
he does not return to the source and
mend his ways”
I never heard of him again until today
I met him at a market close to my
He had served his punishment and
had been fully restored
The lady that got pregnant for him
had and kept the child
His ex-girlfriend left him alone and
he settled down with his wife
He said “Bro, everything was a blur
I kept making wrong decisions that
season I can’t even explain why
I didn’t know how i was living my life
throughout that time but God has
sorted me out”
May you not encounter the spirit of
error or anyone afflicted by the spirit
of Error!
Like Achan, Absalom, Adonijah and
The Spirit of error does not only
consume its victim
It makes a victim of those in the victim’s
close proximity and ruins their lives too!

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