The Big Picture

April 20, 2023


Everything changes the moment you see your future

By everything changing, I mean, EVERYTHING!

A young man was talking to a young lady
A relationship developed

The young lady was looking forward to his proposal

The young man was willing to propose
One day in fellowship

The young man saw himself taking a walk with his wife in five years-time

They were with two little children on a field in Scotland

He was pastoring a church and she was a student

He heard himself call her by name and he also remembered clearly the name of His children

He came out of the vision with clarity as to his future

He knew the Lord had shown him a few minutes of his future

If he was wise, he would align with that future

If he was foolish, he would continue on the current trajectory
But he didn’t want to drag God and religion into the matter

Those who do so are not wise and they make enemies for God where there should be no need for any

He called the lady he was engaged to and called off the engagement

Everybody turned against him
His parents had met the young lady and fallen in love with her
Her parents know and respected him and were quite disappointed

His pastor threw a fit
Her pastor shook his head
The brethren in the fellowship reacted to him with chills

The lady’s friends started ignoring him and speculating about him

There is always going to be a fallout
He was labeled an “Oath breaker”
He took the body blows, and he refused to say, “The Holy Spirit said or This was what I saw”

He refused also to keep being in the relationship reluctantly while the lady would begin to wonder what was going on and be tempted to ask, “Why are you so cold? Etcetera?”

He thought there was a path there but the Lord had warned him that there was none

He made up his mind to do the will of God

It may not give him many scores with people but he would rather please God than please men.

There is a way that seems right to men, the end of such is destruction
Especially for someone filled with the Holy Spirit, decisions regarding the future you want to share with any man or woman must not be taken lightly

The moment the Lord says, “No road.” please don’t rent a bulldozer or bribe your way through
Premium tears await those who do such

Audrey Mack told the story of how she met a brother in the Bible college and both of them started a relationship that was leading to marriage

She said a few weeks to her wedding she started “feeling” unsettled
You know that thing we usually dismiss as “Cold feet”

If you are full of the Holy Spirit, you must pay attention to it and be sure it is not a warning signal

Audrey Mack said that at the end of three days of struggle with the feelings and possible fall out from it on campus, she was convinced that was not her husband
She called off the engagement

An uproar ensued
This was a Bible School where people were supposed to be full of the Holy Spirit and discern things by the Spirit

I guess most so-called spiritual people are spiritual when they want to deal with others but allow their need and desire to override their spirituality when it comes to their own lives

This is a shame

Audrey was subjected to many questions
Some said, “Why did you start the relationship when you would have ended up saying no? Is the Holy Spirit the author of confusion? Can he say Yes today and No tomorrow?”

Don’t fall for that crap please
Your Honour or reputation is best kept with the Holy Spirit than with the people you want to impress as a keeper of your word!

If you have made promises to anybody or even exchanged engagement rings and then you were told clearly you are on the wrong path, don’t go ahead and marry that person, please

It could spell the end of your walk with the Holy Spirit or the fulfillment of your preordained destiny
Be dead certain before you hook yourself into disaster

The person may be a good Christian, spirit-filled and fire-spitting, if it is not God’s will, you must not enforce it
What you think is good for you today may become very bitter in your mouth tomorrow

Audrey Mack said she went back to pray, asking God to lead her to her husband since he took away the one she had chosen for herself and she wanted to be married

After a few days of praying, she said she felt a strong urge to visit her sister in Florida

She packed her bags and left for Florida
When she got there, her sister was in church

She went to the church and her husband was the one speaking on the altar
They had never met before

He was a widow who the church pastor’s wife had been trying to hook up with another lady in the church but the moment he saw her the Lord said, “That’s your wife” and she also heard clearly in her spirit, “That is your husband”

They were married a year later
This relationship helped her establish and grow into the fulfillment of her ministry

If she had married the first man who was trained as a missionary, she would have had to travel the world with him on his assignment as a help meet

With her husband, she was able to establish her ministry and run it independently because her husband was not into ministry

He was a businessman

This helped her tremendously

If you walk away from a friendship or relationship or engagement, people will be hurt and they will react accordingly
Emotions are involved and expectations were dashed

Just tell them sorry and be as puppy-eyed as you can be doing so but move on

If you marry someone out of sentiment or pity, outside of God’s will
You will discover that sentiment or pity wouldn’t save you when the storm comes

Kathryn Kuhlman is my example of the anointed one making a sentimental decision that was destiny defining
She got married and went into obscurity for three years!

Until she came out of the marriage and started ministering again, she was already being forgotten and she had not fulfilled her destiny in Christ in any way

Thank God for grace
Such a gift would have been buried under a rubble of regret based on decisions she made out of sentiments

You must think and make decisions based on that which the Lord has shown to you

I have a friend who became friends with another lady
Both of them are believers
The friend said he wanted to relocate to Germany

The Lord told him, No. Go to Benin City and start a mission outpost for me there
The friend went to Benin City and started a mission outpost

Then the Lord told this friend’s girlfriend to move to Canada in clear visions and instructions three times

The lady was in full panic mode
If she obeys the Lord, she will be leaving Nigeria and the relationship would most likely die

She knew this brother was going to propose and she loved him
She began to drag her feet

She stopped praying so much, stopped fellowshipping, began to engage in non-spiritual activities (These are symptoms of disobedience in believers. Once they don’t want what was given, they begin to tone down spiritual engagements subtly. Most of us won’t notice but it is a fact)

The Brother noticed and asked her what the issue was
She told him
He called off the relationship right there and then

He said he wouldn’t want to be with anyone who would defy the Lord so brazenly just to be with him
He knew she would only end up making his life miserable
And he was right!

-GSW- 20th April, 2023.

PS: Someone sent me a post she saw on a fellow sister’s WhatsApp status that made me laugh so much
I am still laughing as I write this
You see, “When you place a crown on a head
You must honour the head
It doesn’t matter whether the head is full or empty
What matters is your response”
Royalty is innate to some and learned by others
Be royalty
Be royal !

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