The Beckoning

August 15, 2021


At dusk my lover beckoned to me to come over
Standing at the shore of the ocean in the island of newness
Brilliantly lit in its entirety with golden flames on candles surrounding the shoreline
We’ve got another walking date
Exhilarating, my hand fits perfectly into His.

Sweetness gushes over my entire being
All atoms and molecules in the vicinity became charged and excited
For the Elder is here and everything reacts!
Step after step
Movement in consonance with His
Our feet touch the glowing water as we glide over it
The bioluminiscent animals move by our side
Radiating their exemplary blue light.

The water began to sing the glory of the Elder
Ethereal melodies were uttered ceaselessly
And the wind slams in line with the dancing tall trees at shore
All in endless beautiful synchronisation
Oh, what a  wonderful sweet smelling savour.

The flow and ebb of the water
The moon pulling its weight — a glorious tide
The boundary stays, impossible to be breached by the waters
As his gaze burns my heart longingly
Wanting more, and wishing to stay out forever
How could love be so real, so sweet, so engaging and so concrete?


The God of my fathers is no longer far
Nearer and realer to me than my breath
His eyes burn reddish with aura of love
The voice of many waters calmed the sea
For His voice is all that matters as mysteries are uttered
And the wind of his presence caresses me softly
For my imagination comes to life with you
To be experienced with you dear Holy Spirit
Yes Lord, yes!

I am Alpha and Omega
The one that comes to me I will not cast away
Nothing too horrible that my love cannot redeem
Nothing too hopeless that I cannot breathe life to
Come to me, come into rest
Come to Jesus and cease from struggle.


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