The Arrival

December 23, 2020


A baby, tender and pure
Wrapped in light
Unveiled in his majesty
Sparks of glory can be seen
The king is come
The earth shook, forever changed
As they witness the splendor of his kind.

On our awestruck faces reflects the
beauty we see in him
In a manger, the owner of all lands
was born
Humble beginnings to the wonder
waiting to be unveiled
Christ the king, came as a son,
shinning brighter than the sun.

Dravite, amethyst, emerald; even
gems unknown can not describe the
wonder he evokes
Born of love, sent for love, came to
redeem the lost
Dead men were given again
Life sprang from the light he is
This life drives the lives of men
who believe
Christ the king is born, the son is come.

For his sake we can access the Father
Boldly as co-heirs of the Kingdom
The beauty of his birth heralds the
redemption to come
We are his and he is ours
Christmas, the first place salvation’s
seed appeared
We are like the father because he came
Glory, glory, glory the son is born
Hallelujah we rejoice.

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