The Abigail Moment

January 27, 2022


If many of us knew the consequence of the steps
we take outside of the leading of the Holy Spirit,
I believe we will be more willing to allow the
Holy Spirit to lead us.
Some of us are ignorant of the consequence of
our disobedience and as a result, we continue
to walk in that path.

Take David for example, he sent some of his men
to Nabal asking him for some provisions.
Nabal was a rich man and his herdsmen had sought
refuge with David’s men in the forest some months
David’s men had protected them and ensured that
they were not raided by bandits from Amalek and

David expected Nabal to be grateful.
Nabal refused to acknowledge David’s kind gesture
and spoke disrespectfully to David’s men.
The men took the message to David and David
decided he wouldn’t let the insult stand.
The problem with that decision is complex.

David was an Israelite, a political fugitive,
who needed all the goodwill he could get.
Attacking an Israelite would be very bad for
his bid to become king later in the future.
Someone would surely point out that one
Yet, taking the insult on the face was too
much for David.

He was a leader of men and such a brazen insult
was not good for his reputation among his men.
It was a tough decision.
One that had to be weighed delicately.
Eventually, David decided he was going to
kill Nabal and his household.
This decision would mean killing everyone
who can one day tell the story to others.

So even though Nabal was the sinner, David
would have to kill everyone who could bear
witness against him before the people one day.
In my opinion, David made the wrong decision!
But our God is wonderful.

God knew David would have gone too far if he
took that action.
So, God stirred some members of Nabal’s
household to speak to his wife, Abigail.
Abigail knew the implication of Nabal’s
foolish talk and quickly prepared the
provision David’s men needed.
She went to her husband and said to him
“Mr. Nabal, you need to be thinking before
You have insulted a warlord and his men.
They have nothing to lose by killing you
and the entire household. All they need do
was leave no witness behind and they would
pretend it was the Amalekites, Edomites,
Philistines, or other raiders
Didn’t you consider that
before speaking?
Everything you have will be taken and you
will lose your life just because you cannot
help being foolish”

When Nabal heard the words and the consequences
as laid out by Abigail, his blood pressure rose
and he suffered a stroke.
Abigail on the other hand rushed towards David’s
camp to salvage the situation.
She guessed right.
David and his men were charging towards
Nabal’s house when they met on the road.

Abigail fell on her knees and apologized, she
presented the provisions and begged David not
to take any action that could cost him dearly
in the future.
David saw how good Abigail was at diplomacy.
She exhibited a rare grasp of situations
and their consequences. And he made a mental
note not to let her be too far from him in the

A king needs good hands and good heads, if
such comes in the form of a woman, it is an
added advantage.
Nabal died of a heart attack.

A few months later, David became King in
Israel and the first thing he did was to send
for Abigail to be one of his queens.
Abigail turned a negative situation around
because she had the quickness of apprehension.

Not many people even in this
time has that.
People seem to lack the ability to figure
out cause and effect or action and consequence
appropriately, yet they will insist they are
educated and start speaking or writing English
as if that qualifies them as being intelligent.

I got a case today, a funny case.
This guy needed a job badly after his OND, he
heard of a man who needed a driver and decided
to apply.
The man employed him.
The man had a daughter in a private
This guy and that daughter started playing
hanky panky games.
This man’s wife saw this and decided to
separate the two of them.
The lady was sent abroad for her masters and
this driver guy got sacked.

In a rage, after he was sacked, he
slapped this woman who, like Nabal, spoke
foolishly and called him many unprintable names.
He was arrested and locked up for a few days
for assault.
He got out and forgot all about this “elitist”

A few years down the line he got a scholarship
to study in the UK for his master’s.
He met this lady again.
She had started working and they
became fast friends.
She didn’t say anything to her parents because
she knew they would not allow the relationship.

He graduated and they decided they wanted to
come to Nigeria and get married.
They decided it would be best if she got
pregnant and she did.
They assumed that would put her parents
in a corner and give them the green light.
When they got to Nigeria, she met with
her parents.
She told her parents she was getting married
and who she was getting married to.

Her parents laughed and told her to look at
her mother’s left eye
The eye had lost its ability to see.
Her parents told her the day “this driver”
slapped her mother out of anger, was the day
the eye issue started.
The eye defied treatment and it continued to
deteriorate until her mother went blind in
one eye.
She was never told about the slap.

If her parents had told her about it, she
would never have had anything to do with him.
Her father said No.
Her mother said No.
She didn’t even say anything to him.
She just went dark!
He tried to call her several times,
she didn’t pick
Then he reached out to me and asked that
I intervene.

I did and well, here I am writing the story.
If only he restrained himself that day.
If only he considered the
future and his love for their daughter.
A lot of “if only” and Had I known’s…
He didn’t have an Abigail moment.
We all should!
The lady he wanted to marry said she
wanted nothing to do with him.
In her words, “How can I be with a man who
slapped my mother?
How can I even consider marrying him?”
It didn’t matter that this same man had been
with her in the UK for four years and they
had both had a glorious relationship.
It didn’t matter that just last week she wrote
him a note saying he was the best thing that
ever happened to her in this world.
It didn’t matter that he was a good man
and was no longer prone to angry outbursts
and foolish behavior.

She said “Why would somebody I chose to love
even when he was a driver and had nothing not
respect my mother because he was upset?
It means he never really loved me or had any
plans to be with me in the future.
In his mind, I was gone and he could do
anything and get away with it.
Did you know he never told me he got arrested
and they made him sign an undertaking never to
come near any member of my family again?
He is a liar and a snake!
I hate him”

This young lady had aborted the pregnancy.
She just didn’t want anything to do with
this young man
The young man however is full of remorse
but what can he do now?
Like David, he got so close to the throne
but because he didn’t have an Abigail moment,
he couldn’t sit on it!
David did!

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