Testing The Spirit

May 16, 2022


I wrote about a demonic spirit
that rules every religion yesterday,
I was deliberate about my choice
of words and I insist that if
this spirit is not dealt with,
it will still lead its adherents
to do more evil in the
name of protecting it because
it does not to be exposed.
Many read my tweet and said
all sorts. They didn’t know they
came to drink from a source with
the depth of knowledge that even
their fathers would queue to learn

My mother was born a Muslim,
her father until his death was
the Osupa Adeen of Remo,
Ogun State. Like most people from
the South Western part of Nigeria,
I have family members from both religions
When push comes to shove, the spirit
behind each religion would show its face
The Spirit of one would say
“Father forgive them”
The Spirit of the other would say
“Crucify Him, Stone Him, push Him
off a cliff, burn down his house
and that of His family”

When you look closely at the
action of religious people and what
they do when they are provoked,
you will arrive at this conclusion.
Men are mere tools in the hand
of prevalent spirits

The Spirit of the religion that
sets a human being on fire for
“blasphemy”, was the same spirit
that led to the death of Naboth for
“blasphemy”. It was the spirit
of anger, envy, murder, hatred,
Intolerance, lust, sexual immorality,
impurity, idolatry, sorcery, jealousy,
strife, dissensions, drunkenness,
orgies and deceit.

If your religion has encouraged you
to set people on fire, stone them,
maim them, burn down their houses,
slit their throats, all in the name of
converting to another religion or insulting
a prophet or God. Then you
know the Spirit you have surrendered
yourself to and its ways. Then don’t
talk of heaven or eternal life because
you will not do the deeds of
this spirit and end up in paradise.
The demon behind your religion controls
your religion from hell and that is
where you are headed. There will
be no negotiation or apologies and
you cannot claim to be ignorant.

There is another Spirit that works
in people with obvious fruits.
It produces in them a deep
devotion to God, a love for humanity,
and a transformed life with evidence
such as love, joy, peace, patience,
kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
gentleness, and self-control.
This spirit does not condemn men
but seeks to reconcile them to
Himself and show them the way
to live a supernatural life.
It is a benevolent spirit, deeply
forgiving and never quick to judge or find
fault in people. If you blaspheme
against this Spirit, he will give you
the room to see the error of
your ways and when you come
back to Him, you will not only
be forgiven but the records of all
your misdeeds will also be wiped
out as if you had never transgressed
before. This is the spirit at work
in me and all those who have come
to Jesus and accepted Him as
their Lord and saviorr.

The Spirit of Jesus will never regard
human life as something so insignificant
that it has to be killed for its sake.
Jesus would rather lay down His
life again than take a life.
This is why being a believer is
not a religion.

Every religion thrives on indoctrination
(Those who had established the religion
would teach its ways to those coming
behind them). Christianity thrives on
the Holy Spirit. Until you are full of the
Holy Spirit you cannot call yourself a
Jesus told the disciples to
wait for the Holy Spirit before making
any move. The same still holds
true today.

Churches that do not believe in
the Holy Spirit are led by the same
religious spirit that rules every religion
In the world. It is a spirit of
bondage that binds men to itself
and makes slaves of destinies
The Spirit of Jesus is a Spirit of liberty.
Again, the Spirit of Jesus does not
condemn any man, He is love.
The evidence of this lies in the
reality of those who dwell in Him.

On Twitter, we have been a
blessing to thousands of Muslims and
we do this monthly and with joy.
We pay widows, even in Sokoto
Monthly stipends, we have been
doing this for many months.
We sponsor the education of Muslims
and set them up in businesses through
Our empowerment schemes. We offer a
home to the homeless, build hospitals
and orphanages and schools. We help
the lost to find their way back
to the Father. We are not doing
this with anybody’s tithe or subsidy.
We are simply following in the step
of Jesus. This is the evidence of
the Spirit that is at work in us.
@gswmiWM @Gswmi_Schscheme @EuANGELion
Has been bringing joy and blessings to
Muslim and Christian homes for years.

You can stay with the spirit
of religion and make it your life
goal and achievement to burn people
and stone them in the name of
defending a demon Or you
can come to Jesus and receive life
in abundance. You can be a part
of the family of the accursed one
or be a member of the family
of the blessed one. You will
not say you were not given the
option to make a better choice and
live a blessed life.

I write this to adherents of every
religion, regardless of the name it
is called.
The spirit at work in you determines
what you do. We have seen
the spirit at work in those who
kill and celebrate it globally as
a win for their demon. We have
seen the Spirit at work in the
children of light

Which spirit is at work in you?

PS: Some people here are saying
Religious folks from the southern
part of Nigeria don’t kill in the
name of religion,
such an assertion is very false
and will not stand the test of History.
I can name three missionaries killed
in a certain community in 2010,
they were falsely accused of luring
children to their mission outpost
with noodles (It was recorded in the
Mission journal of that year).
I can remind us of many families
disowning their children for daring
to choose life instead of religion.
I can name a prominent pastor
whose family beat him up and left
him for dead for daring to become
a follower of Christ.

I have nothing against any man
(For what are men but tools in
the hand of prevalent spirits)
I wrote earlier today, not condemning
any man but pointing to a religious
demon at work in many so-called
devout members of certain religions.

I didn’t expect the unregenerate mind
to understand what I wrote and the
comments proved that many didn’t
get it.

Religion is not and will never
be the way. There is only one
Way, Truth, and Life
In Him we have all things and
rest from our toils
His name is JESUS
Seek Him today.


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