Systems Manipulation

April 17, 2021


I once asked a close relative why she
wanted to relocate to the USA with
her family
Her husband sat down and quietly
explained to me the importance of a
societal system and structure that is
dependable, reliable, and consistent
in the upbringing of children
He said he was not planning to
relocate for himself but for the sake
of his children.
He wanted them to grow up in a
reliable system that they can trust to
nurture and care for them as they
grow into adulthood
I commended his optimism and
prayed for him that his quest to
relocate shall be a success
He relocated with his family in 2015
One year later, he called me randomly
out of the blue
He was a huge Clinton fan and had
expected Hilary to win the election
against Trump hands down
Trump won.
He was upset
He called me to lament about hackers
I reminded him of what he said
while we were seated opposite each
He had said with confidence that
the system and structure in the
country he moving to works
He was so sure of it
How come he was lamenting about
the election being hacked?
If the election was hacked, it means
the system and structure cannot be
trusted anymore
He said he was just calling to talk it
out with me
The government had raised a panel
of investigation, the truth shall be outed.
That, he said, was another thing about
They are very finicky when it comes to
the truth.
They will spare no expense and leave
no stone unturned
The Mueller investigation commenced
After one year, this beloved brother
called me
He was getting the picture and what he
saw was not palatable
The investigation was a hoax and there
was no case anywhere to suggest
that the election was hacked
He said “All the witnesses and evidence
were fabricated or totally unfounded.
What are they still investigating?
The Mueller guy should have called it
off since”
I laughed
Eventually, Mueller called the investigation
what it was
A hoax!
There was an uproar in many quarters
This brother was perplexed
How can people be so determined
not to pursue the course of justice to
its logical end?
There was no interference in the
election, why are people upset that
there wasn’t one if the investigation
also proves it?
Didn’t they say the investigation was to
prove that the system has not been
He was beginning to see how human
nature and vested interest works
The Bible says Jesus knew what was
in man and he didn’t need anybody to
tell him what was in man.
I make the same confession daily,
I am one with the Lord by the spirit
Before the 2020 election, this brother
had come to dislike the “Clinton party”
He didn’t like Trump as a person but
he wanted to be on the side of truth
and integrity
I told him there is nothing like truth
and integrity when it comes to men.
He was making the same mistake all
over again
He studied political science and wrote
his thesis on the Infallibility of the
American Democratic System as a
model for true federalism
He was so sure his researches and all
the institutions deliberately built to
maintain the integrity of the American
system cannot be compromised
He was very wrong
Dead people were raised from all over
America to vote in the last election
The line of fairness and justice were
totally erased
Injustice was dressed in purple and
made a queen over all!
System and structures failed again
The brother said “Surely there will be
a panel of investigation to look into
all these allegations to confirm the
integrity of the election.
It was too glaring that something
was amiss.
It was too glaring that the system
was compromised.
It was too glaring that the structure
had failed.
I laughed and told him there would
be nothing like that
When there was no system breech,
the nation spent billions of dollars
and three years to investigate nothing
When there were obvious breeches
in the system, there would be no
investigation whatsoever!
That is how Systems and structures
Big Pharm, Big Tech, Billionaires and
Individuals with vested interest
determines who sits on the throne and
for what purpose
There is no nation, ruled by men and
populated by men that is immune from
the curse of the fallen man.
Systems and structures are made to be
manipulated and compromised
Given the right incentive, the most
“pious” of men will go into deals with
all sorts and do all sorts to have their
An unregenerated society cannot lay
claim to righteousness or right living
It is impossible to give what you don’t
The brother had totally stopped believing
in systems and structures
His eyes was opened to this truth, that
only God and those who have accepted
Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour can
be righteous
If righteousness was not given to us as
a gift, there was no other way for us
as human beings to earn it
Inherent in our nature is the inability to
make right judgments and do things in
a godly manner
Many of us try to keep up the appearance
of a decent society but in our hearts
we know the truth
Outside of the free gift of salvation that
Jesus offers to mankind, there is no other
system of government or societal or
political structure that is worth putting
your faith in
People will continue to manipulate
systems and structures to their selfish
The salvation Jesus offers and eternal
life is immune to manipulation and
You will be accepted as you are
You will become the light
You will live a life that is far above
principalities and powers
A life above the deceit of systems and
You will rule and reign as Kings and
Priests unto our God
You will be part of a kingdom that is from
eternity to eternity.
I am writing to the cerebral ones who
like to process reality through the prism
of logic and facts
Look at the world’s systems in the last
few years from an objective point of
Do away with your biases and look
through the facts objectively
You will see that the tower man built
as his monument had been dismantled ‘
in its entirety by man to satisfy ambition.
An ambitious man or woman, an
inordinately ambitious man or woman
will not hesitate to burn down the house
and rule over the pile of ashes.
The Dragon Queen’s vengeance in the
popular series “Game of Thrones” illustrated
this very clearly.
Ambition and emotion as a force in the
hands of the unsaved man will dismantle
any system and destroy any structure
built by men.
There is only one Kingdom that is not
built by man and to which man can
willingly be a part
It is the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus
Of this kingdom there shall be no end.
Come into this kingdom today, learn
the ways of this kingdom and grow in
the knowledge of the Lord Jesus
In Him we have all things!

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