Supernatural Settlement

August 3, 2021


Brother Gbenga, glory be to God for his
mercies are forever more.
There was a document i had been looking for
This document will determine whether
I get a fair judgment in court relating to
my late father’s estate or not
I last saw this document four years ago in
my father’s document cabinet but it was
somehow stolen and a year after it was
stolen, another party sued to challenge
my father’s will
I had a good case but without the document
i basically had no case
The matter eventually got to court and the
judgement could have gone in the favour
of the other party had it not been for the
recent strike action
Yesterday during the programme,
I was reading the prophecies on twitter
when I got this impression to drive to
my Father’s lawyer’s office
This was about 5pm
I met him and we had some discussions
He told me he was busy and that i
should see him next week
I really couldn’t tell him why i went
there to see him because
i didn’t really have a reason
He was not the one representing me
and i had known him for many years
while he was working with my father
We walked to his car together and his
driver drove him away
A few seconds later, a lady ran downstairs
and called my name
She said my daddy’s lawyer called her
and told her to give me a file
I opened the file and I found the
document and other documents
that really proved my case beyond doubt
The lady left and i went home
I tried calling this lawyer over and over
to thank him but his number did not go
This morning, I called him and he said he
didn’t have a female secretary and he
surely didnt have a file with any content
relating to me
I have seen my lawyer and we are both
I cannot explain what happened sir but
my father had other properties i didn’t
even know about
They were all listed in this file and their
full documents were also in it
Many of these properties were not even
cited in court case and they
are mine according to the will
I dont even know what to say now sir
God has fought my battle and won it
I went to some of the properties today
with my lawyer and sir, they are still
making money somehow and paying
rent and other things
into designated accounts
Nobody took them over sir, Nobody
claimed them and the companies they
were rented out to had been paying and
maintaining the properties consistently
This can only be God

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