August 24, 2021



Sophia is Theoretical Knowledge, anybody can have Sophia because it is not spiritual in anyway but those who depend on it can make mistakes like Solomon did because Sophia is not governed by the right spiritual principles

Was Solomon wise as a King? Yes

Was he principled as a King? No

A believer might be told about a family tradition or ritual that he or she has to do to make a headway in life

If all that believer has is Sophia, he would convince himself it is giving to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and do the ritual just the way Solomon gave to Caesar and worshipped the strange gods of his wives

If Solomon had Sunesis, he would have forbidden any of his wives to bring their foreign gods into his palace, they would have grumbled and maybe even smuggled something into the palace as human nature always does but none of them would have had the guts to invite him to worship with her a god he had banished.

Remember what Saul did to the witches in Israel? That was done on a basis of principle but without conviction

This is the principle by which many religious people do what they do

Their Pastor said they should pray in a certain way and they do so even though they cannot find any example of such prayers and wordings in the scripture

They pray for enemies to die when Jesus said to bless our enemies

They couldn’t see any wisdom (Sunesis) in blessing their enemies so they disobey the instruction/example and conviction of Jesus and do what they believe is best using their own sophia

Their prayer doesn’t get answered in anyway, however it pollutes the atmosphere of Christ with demonic presence because wherever curses and all manner of works of the flesh are manifested, the door to demonic realm opens and then we hear reports of spiritual attacks over and over within the same fold

The testimonies shared are always demonic and the realities they walk in is demon and enemy consciousness, as a result they are full of suspicion, doubt, anxiety, unrest and mental distress

They had displayed Sophia but they lacked Sunesis

Gideon showed us how Sunesis works, he had never met God before but his Fathe had an idol that everybody including him assumed was God

Then an angel of God appeared to Him and told Him God’s plan for his life

Gideon gave things a huge thought

If he ignored the idol of his father’s house and got the victory God promised, his father would have attributed his victory to that idol

Gideon did not ignore or pretend not to know what his father would do, so he destroyed the idol (God didn’t tell him to)

Once he did that, nobody could attribute his victory to an idol again

When a believer comes out of darkness, and becomes the light, he or she must allow that light to SHINE in such a manner that nobody would ever try to interfere with your life with fetish or ungodly ideas

That is Sunesis

Sophia would become sentimental and say “I have to obey my parents and do the ritual they asked for just so that i can have peace”

Sunesis would take the Gideon path, set itself apart from day one and say “I will not go in this direction, i have been taken out of here by my allegiance to Christ”

This action will protect that believer forever from being invited to fetish rituals or being asked to contribute money for such.

People will say “He is not one of us anymore, he is now the light”

Sunesis therefore walks in wisdom guided by spiritual understanding

The understanding capacity of the human mind has a number of standpoints from which people view it. The Bible says that we should endeavour to get Wisdom, the principal thing and with all our getting to get understanding as well (Proverbs 4:7). How do we get understanding? What is understanding in this context?

The Greek word sunesis is used in a vast array of writings to describe understanding. It’s a portmanteau of two words: “sun” (meaning to be gathered together with [someone]) and “nesis” (which is a collection of anything). So together the word means to be gathered together collectively unto a personality. The word “sun” is usually associated with a personality whenever it is used in Greek writings. So if the word “understanding” is examined in this setting, it means a compilation unto a personality…how is that so? Who is this Personality?

The Bible says that we have the Mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16). He is the ultimate image of the superman we are in God. So pure wisdom and understanding is therefore embodied in Him because in Him dwells the fullness of the Godhead (Colossians 2:9). Therefore true understanding is in having the Mind of Christ. Having the Mind of Christ is not like purchasing a microchip and inserting it into a device, expecting the device to do or become what is programmed on the chip. That cannot work. There has to be a relationship with the Personality, a living and constant fellowship (koinonia) to sync our minds with the Mind of Christ.

Wisdom is more than just a force or an abstract theory. Wisdom is Christ and having the Mind of Christ is how we acquire understanding and rhema with all the wisdom we get in the logos (The Word). So fellowship and a personal relationship with Christ, through the Holy Spirit Who is here with us now, is the pathway to living in real wisdom and understanding.

Practical Example

God instructed a woman to support a ministry or a minister or a church or a vision given to her for widows, orphans or destitute or abandoned or a Christian fellowship every month with a certain amount of money

This instruction came directly from the Holy Spirit and the woman


Then the woman heard a sermon preached by someone she respects and this sermon was instructing believers on how to spend their money

Then this woman gets confused and began to wonder if she heard from the Holy Spirit at all

Such a situation happens to believers all over the world in different context every time

Preachers are called to address Nepios and bring them into maturity

Teachers are called to impart skills and abilities to Nepios, Teknons and Huios

If a teacher is teaching children aged 5-20, and they are all in the same class, he will teach them generally expecting each to pick the instruction that is appropriate for him or her

This is the principle that governs maturity

His word must be written on the tablet of your heart and you can tell when a word is for you and when it is for another

That is Sunesis

The wisdom imparted must reinforce the instruction received and if the instruction must change, it must come from the Holy Spirit just the way you received the first instruction

Many believers lacked Sophia which is basic wisdom and they still couldn’t walk in Sunesis despite praying in tongues and claiming to belong to the Lord

There was a woman who was working with an organization, she prayed and prayed for God to promote her in that organization but nothing happened so she decided to leave the organization for another

While interviewing for a new role with another firm, her company offered her the long-expected promotion, and then she became confused and started running to people for counsel

She claimed that the Bible says in the multitude of counsel there is safety forgetting that the man that wrote those words only had Sophia

Jesus never consulted with anyone but the Father before taking decisions, He said whatsoever He saw the father do, He did!

After speaking with 33 people (Looking for safety), one of those people informed her organization that she wanted to resign and

the organization sacked her.

The organization that gave her the new offer also withdrew it because they were told she was considering the promotion offered to her by her former company

She lost both ways

She had to beg to get her job back with her former firm and she also suffered the indignity of a demotion

The Holy Spirit is the spirit of counsel

For anyone who has the mind of Christ, the place to get answers to your questions is always The Holy Spirit

He is the teacher, the guide, the guard, the reminder, the leader, the instructor and the spirit of Jesus

Sunesis is Wisdom guided by the Holy Spirit

He might lead you down the usual paths or the unconventional paths but all the safety you need lies in his leadership

Finally, some believers do not know how to divide the word.

One wrote to me saying there is no difference between the old and the new testament

Another said the old testament and covenants are the ones from God while the new testaments are from the apostles

If indeed the just shall live by their faith, it means it is important what you believe because what you believe will determine how you think and how you live your life

Then opened he their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures (Luke 24:45).

The Bible contains the Word of God. It’s God’s testimony on what He said, what men said, what the devils said, what angels said, and what Jesus said. This means everything therein must be understood as to who’s talking and what the context of their speech or writing entails. It’s God’s testimony on the origin, life and destiny of man, spirits and their environments.

For example, in studying the Bible about the early Church in the New Testament, it’s important to notice the period of growth that the early Church went through. The disciples didn’t know everything at once in the early Church. When you study the first fifteen chapters of the book of Acts, the Church at the time didn’t quite believe that the non-Jews were supposed to be in Christ. It was in the fifteenth chapter that they had a debate, a serious one, and Peter had to explain it to them, while James supported with scripture references (Acts 15:6-29).

Therefore, when you’re studying the Bible, you should understand the thinking and culture of the people and writer at the time of writing. For instance, some of the teachings of Jesus in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John weren’t meant for the new creation. Some of those teachings aren’t for Christians to live by; they were for the Jewish mind; not for those who have received eternal life. He said to His disciples on one occasion, “How come you don’t have any faith?” (Mark 4:40). You can’t read that and think to yourself, “O, perhaps the reason things aren’t working out for me is that I don’t have any faith.” That’ll be a wrong assumption because there’s no Christian who doesn’t have faith. The Bible says, “…God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith” (Romans 12:3). It was possible for those that lived under the Old Testament to not have any faith, because they weren’t born again. They were people of the senses, who lived under the Law, and faith isn’t of the senses but of the Spirit. But everyone among us in Christ was given the measure of faith.

Study the Scriptures with spiritual understanding and you’ll have a deeper insight into the past, present and future of God’s plans and purpose for the Church, for you, and for the world.

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