January 15, 2024


To come on Twitter page daily and read all sorts of lies bothers me


People will sit down in their corners and deliberately concoct lies in the name of generating content and as soon as they push out the lies others will start retweeting and reposting


It Is what it is and a believer should be able to tell by the spirit what the truth is as against what is false, no matter how good the packaging is or how well respected the person posting or reposting stuff is


It is galling to see the number of people feeding their spirits with junk on social media


There are some who thrive on falsehood, gobbling it up as if their lives depend on it


I walked into a bank one day and I found the members of staff talking about me and an article that had been written on one blog about me that was absolutely not true


They didn’t even know I was the one they were talking about


One of them, named Odun was talking so authoritatively on an issue she knew nothing about


After a while I said, “Is the person in that story not named Gbenga Samuel-Wemimo?”


Odun said, “Yes” He is one the one who bought a car for his ex-girlfriend despite the fact that he was married and this colleague of mine is saying he still didn’t want to be sleeping with the ex-girlfriend, what man would do that for a babe unless he has interest in her that way? Or how else would the lady say thank you?”


I said, “I am Gbenga Samuel-Wemimo”


She said, “Eeish”


They were doing this while at work


I told both of them I was disappointed


Odun said, “It is just gist nah, something to keep body and soul together while we are at work”




You shouldn’t believe everything you read online and please don’t consume junk food for the sake of it


Just as junk food is not good for the body, so are junk stories not good for the mind


The Israel-Palestinian issue is heating up, many people are telling stories and writing disturbing stuff


You have the option of muting or blocking people who post content that can disturb your peace


Please exercise that option


I have always been very liberal with my block button, you can choose to dance naked in the market


I have a choice to either watch you dance or ignore you, I don’t have to watch you


Nobody should decide what my thoughts or topics of discussion should be


If you wish, fill up the timeline with trending topics including death, sex, carnage and tragedy


If I don’t feel like I am in charge of the narrative or have enough information on the issue to tell the truth apart from being spoon fed a lie I will block you or mute you


Someone wrote to me in my DM asking me why I didn’t weigh in on the recent issues regarding an artiste and record labels etcetera


I told the person I had no idea how that world works and I do not speak just because others are speaking


The person replied by saying I don’t have to know the story before standing for justice


I told the person I wouldn’t know what justice is and what it is not in the matter


You cannot tell me to support someone simply because he is dead or vilify another person because he is alive


Only foolish people join in a bandwagon leading nowhere or put their mouth in issues which they cannot tell the beginning from the end


We all must do better


Itchy ears is not a good quality to have as a believer neither is being quick to speak on a matter you have no authority or understanding of


If you have to weigh in on a matter, let your opinion be informed


The reason many believers have no respect in the eyes of unbelievers is because their words have no weight


When a believer speaks and his or her words prove consistently to be true, his or her words will gain weight!



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