Time Lag and The Prophetic

January 15, 2024


Time Lag and The Prophetic

I remember getting her message in my Twitter DM


She asked if I could come to Abuja and have a prayer session with her and her extended family


She was a single mother, who had given birth to four children from four different men


None of them proposed marriage to her


They took care of her while the going was good and she had always wanted to have many children


So she got pregnant and kept the children


The fathers knew they had children with her


She does not disturb them for a dime in terms of supporting the children


She was working with an international NGO


Money was neither hard nor easy to come by


She had enough to meet her needs and that of her children


She was also a believer, a recent convert


She however discovered after joining a church that even though Jesus loved her unconditionally


The church and her fellow saints didn’t like women like her


Beautiful, self-determined, successful, Alpha female, a natural leader, one who makes decisions that do not necessarily conform to the norms, mores, rules, conventions, or expectations of others, heady and spontaneous


She noticed that Christian men within the church avoided her and that their wives talked a lot about her behind her back


It was better when she was not in the church


She lived her life free of judgment and condemnation


She had imagined the church would be a haven


She discovered the hard way it was not


She had done everything she could to fit in


Changed her wardrobe, started dressing like the sisters she found to be classy and shiny in church, and so on


It made no difference


And yet it was the senior pastor’s sermon that provoked her spirit sorely and prompted her to reach out to me


He taught about evil patterns and symptoms of Demonic affliction


He said if you have a pattern in your family in which nobody got married but most family members are contended to have children outside wedlock or just settle down as baby mamas, second wives or mistresses, it is a symptom of demons at work in the family


He said if the family is experiencing delay in having children which affected almost every member of the family or if there was a common disease or affliction in the family like leprosy, mental illness, goitre and so on, it was a demonic pattern


After listening to hours of the sermon, she became convinced she needed deliverance and so did members of her family


Her older sisters were all single parents just like she chose to be


Although in her case, marriage was proposed several times by different men but she chose to live free of the hassle by choice


Two of her younger brothers, were cannabis addicts while two of her younger sister had serious mental health issues


Their mother died after giving birth to the seventh child


Their father was from a fetish family somewhere in the middle belt of Nigeria


She approached the prayer department of the church to book a prayer session for her family


She was tacitly ignored


This was why she reached out to me


I told her I would be coming to Abuja a few days from then


We met


She said, “I will tell my family members to come together so that you can pray for all of us”


I said, “Amen”


I met with her and 35 other people in her sitting room the next day


I taught them the gospel of their salvation


Funny enough, they were not strangers to the name of Jesus or certain practices of the church


They however didn’t know there was a big difference between being a Christian and being religious


The former is living out the life of Christ


The latter is living out the doctrines of men moulded within their own personal experiences and belief systems


The former keeps the believer free to rule and reign


The latter keeps the believer in bondage, fear of men assumed to be better than one within the church and the fear of hell


After the short teaching session, we prayed


The room was charged and the power of the Holy Spirit began to move


Did I mention that I met this family at about midnight?


Due to my busy schedule that was the only time I was free


As I joined my hands with them one by one the Holy Spirit revealed a secret


A pot, dedicated to an idol, in their family house in the village, this pot was a huge water pot, kept in one room in their family house


The room was opened only once a year or whenever any of them had a baby


The unbilicord of the baby would be prepared, burnt to ashes and then poured in this pot through a ritual


The pot was supposed to keep them all bound together in love and protect them from every form of harm


As soon as I mentioned it, their eldest child, a female said, “The pot is a no go area”


She said many pastors had seen the same thing and that she was sure I must have been informed by someone about the pot before claiming it is a revelation


She said the pot had always finished all those who mentioned it or tried to do anything about it


She warned me to pray my prayer and leave instead of poking my nose where it didn’t belong in the name of chasing spiritual clout


I smiled and told her that the room where the pot was, its priestess and the pot were currently on fire


I told her it was burning to ashes and would never be built again


I told her the priestess of the idol had also been decommissioned and unless she gave her life to Christ would never be able to see with her eyes or live a normal life again


She laughed and huffed off to sit down at the dinning section of the sitting room


By this time it was almost 4am


I blessed the family and took my leave


The next morning came, the lady who invited me called to say, “Thank you”


She said, “Brother Gbenga, that thing you said about the pot and the priestess being on fire should have been kept to yourself sir. There was no fire and my older sister is already telling everybody that I invited a fake pastor to pray for the family”


I told her not to worry about my reputation, but to prepare herself mentally for what was to come


I reminded her of the treatment she had gotten in church and how she felt it was unfair


I told her Jesus is expecting her to do much better than that


She didn’t get my point at the time but she said okay


A week later, I was back in Lagos, preparing for a trip to the UK


My phone began to ring


The shrine, the pot and the priestess had all caught fire overnight


The shrine and pot and house were burnt down completely


The Priestess, whose identity nobody knew because she only appeared once a year or whenever any of them had a baby to open the shrine and perform the ritual was badly burnt and had to be rushed to the hospital


The priestess was the same sister that I had had an argument with in her house


The Angel of the Lord watched over the prophecy for 33 days, this woman got up from Nassarawa all by herself


There was no new baby and it was not the time of the year when they open this room


She couldn’t tell how or why


She went to the shrine, opened it and set it on fire by herself


Then she sat in the burning room to prevent the villagers from lynching her


That was weird…


When she was rushed to the hospital, she began to confess to so many attrocities she had committed using the destinies or essence of the family members and some other things


All of them panicked


I got on the plane to Abuja that same day


We met in her sitting room again


This time there were well over 80 people including children


(Fear is a terrible thing)


I explained to them that they were supposed to be rejoicing


I said, “The angel of the Lord that took your oldest sister from Nassarawa to Benue and made her do everything she did will just be wondering why you were wearing long faces instead of shouting Glory!”


I told them it is important that they do not run to other places with the story unless they are telling it as a victorious tale


Africans have a habit of seeing evil or thinking evil perpetually


The shrine was burnt down, decommissioned totally


The priestess was also decommissioned totally


Why worry about possible repercussions from demons?


Why so fearful of attacks from other idol worshippers and so on




Again I say Rejoice!!!


My charge worked, by the time i was leaving we had fellowshipped and ministered unto the Lord


Prophesies came forth assurring all and announcing the glory days ahead


As for the priestess, I didnt see her until September this year


She had spent four months in the hospital and survived the fire incidence


She had given her life to Christ


Her sister, (The one that invited me) had taken my counsel to heart and shown her and her children great love and care)


When I saw her, she said, “I didn’t know why I did what I did.


It started as a whisper in my heart and then it grew into a noise.


Burn down the shrine, burn down the pot, do it now.m


It was as if the voice got louder every day I delayed


I finally just had to do it so that I could have peace of mind


I didnt remember sitting in the fire or being rescued from it


What I remember was waking up at the hospital and being prompted to confess to my siblings everything I had done to each and everyone of them


I expected to be treated like a pariah, to be stripped naked and stoned to death in the market square


Instead, I was shown love and care


My children were neither labelled nor hated


Nobody acted as if they were afraid or suspicious of me


I began to feel normal and free around them when I realised all the tension was unnecessary


I was the one that asked for a Bible myself and I begn to read


I was the one that asked my sister to bring me a Pastor to pray for me and fill me with the Holy Spirit


Thank you sir.”


I embraced her and prayed with her


She is my sister, my joy and my delight


We are all members of the body, flesh and bones of Jesus


Ephesians 5:30-33


There is no condemnation in me or mine


Love is our nature




PS: Sister Olivia and her older sister Patricia are doing wonders in Abuja and Nassarawa everyday


They are preaching the gospel twice a month in both cities and the testimonies they are recording are mind boggling


Just yesterday, sister Patricia opened the eyes of a two year old baby that was born blind


I was not shocked when I heard the testimony, I was screaming!


Once upon a time she would have been stoned to death under the suffer not a witch to live doctrine


The gospel of Jesus has brought light into her darkness


She has become a burning and a shinning light to the world


Glory be to God.




Now to address the issue of the delay in the fulfilment of the prophecy


It is what we call a time lag


The period of time it takes to manifest what had happened in the Spirit realm in the physical realm


Jesus was foreordained before the foundation of the earth but was made manifest 2000 years ago


1 Peter 1: 19 But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot:


20 Who verily was foreordained before the foundation of the world, but was manifest in these last times for you


The same thing happens sometimes in the place of prophecy


Sometimes, you see a thing, you are sure of it, you say it out loud with confidence and it happens instantly as it did on Mount carmel when Elijah called down fire 1 Kings 18:38


At another time, you see a thing, you are sure of it, you say it out loud and then you have to wait and sometimes even pray like Elijah did on mount Carmel for a while before the rain falls


1 Kings 18:41-45


Be assured of this, that the angel of the Lord is watching over the Word you have spoken by the Spirit to perform it and at the right time, it shall be done as ordained by the Spirit


It has nothing to do with your ego or your reputation


You have an audience of one





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