The Wings Of The Spirit

January 15, 2024


I was in church one day, during Sunday school

We were discussing the workings of the anointing of the Holy Spirit in the scriptures and in our days

Somebody mentioned Elisha

Somebody mentioned Samuel

We all agreed that these Prophets were anointed

Then a brother mentioned Archbishop Benson Idahosa

Another brother stood up and said Archbishop Benson Idahosa was not anointed

I asked him why he said so

He replied, “I used to live in Washington and Idahosa used to come to the church I was attending to minister, one day I came to Nigeria to see my parents in preparation for my wedding

When I was going back to Washington, I got to the airport and realised that I needed 200 dollars for my journey

I had the money in my American bank account and could issue a cheque but I needed cash for the journey

My relatives had dropped me at the airport and left

I needed help desperately

Then I saw Idahosa on the same queue

He was travelling to America

My heart leapt for joy

I walked up to him and explained to him that I needed 200 dollars

Do you know what he said?

He said “Please go and talk to my PA, I am not carrying any money on

Can you believe that?

Was he not supposed to drop everything he was doing to attend to my needs seeing that I might miss my flight?

How can you say someone like that is anointed?”


I wasn’t the one teaching the Sunday School class but I stood up immediately

The man who told the story was in His 60s

He had developed a tunnel vision as a result of his personal encounter with the Archbishop and as a result still couldn’t see the glory several years later

I never met the Archbishop Benson Idahosa, I never met Kenneth Hagin or Benny Hinn

I didn’t need to yet I have replicated and reproduced many of the dimensions of faith and the supernatural that I heard them testify about on tapes or in their books or even watched on TV

I kept my heart open to be inspired and I didn’t take offence in them

The day I read the testimony of building materials increasing supernaturally on the site of the Archbishop’s church building construction, I decided to start building churches (not to Pastor them) but as a gift to struggling pastors ans believers in rural communities all over the world

We have built 13 of such so far

We have never stopped for one day on any of the building sites and we have never had to stop a project for another one

While we build, we continue to run ministry and life with an abundance of resources

The shocker is “We don’t have a physical church where we collect tithes and Offering or raise funds for building”

When there is a need, I announce it (not for the benefit of men but for the benefit of the ministering spirits working with us in ministry so that they can know what our agenda is and the time frame we have to meet all needs”

It has never failed!

I know this audacity of faith and power is not for everyone

I post these things here for the benefit of that one minister who will one day look through my timeline and be inspired to do better

In 2020, October 1, we bought out first Hiace bus within 6 hours of birthing the vision to take the gospel from village to village

6 months later, we bought another coaster bus because the first bus was too small

Two months later we built our first give away church and continued until we built one in the Philippines

The current project we are doing is 177 days old

We have built a 510 seater Auditorium, all materials and fittings bought and we have built a male and female hostel to lintel level and will complete the building within the next one month

Our pace is supernatural

Our resources limitless

As a young minister you must note that your interaction with the world is independent of your walk with God

Don’t be concerned at all about people’s opinion

They have nothing to give you

Sooner or later they will be in your DM begging for one thing or the other

Remember this and stay the course

Remember this!

You must however testify of the goodness of God publicly

Don’t listen to those who tell you to shush or apply wisdom by keeping it quiet

Your testimonies are not just going to annoy some people, they will also build up others and encourage them

Most importantly, it keeps the World conscious of the moves of God in the realm of men!

Be immovable

Be unshaken

Be resolute

Be provoking and audacious

This is the way of faith

This is the path of the supernatural at every level

May God bless and increase your ministry



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