The Campground

January 15, 2024


It was Peter’s first time at a camp, his father took care of everything required for Peter there.


At camp, his father took him to his hostel and while he helped him unpack, he told Peter, “I have paid for everything. The receipt is with your Guardian. He will walk you through what you need to do and how to do it, I will come back for you when camp is over.” Then he left.


Peter was still seated on his bed looking at his dormitory when he overheard two boys conversing as they came in.


The boys who looked bigger, and spoke like people with camp experience.


“So many newbies at Camp this year.” one of them said. “If they know what is good for them, they will not bother with a Guardian, having a Guardian is punishment. You can not have fun and they will keep giving you more rules to follow.”


“I tried that once, never again!” the other boy replied as they dropped their bags and left the dorm.


Peter thought about the boy’s discussion and his father’s advice. He decided to follow the boys, to ask more questions. He ran after them. The boys told him he could survive without his receipt when he asked. “I know lots of people who don’t bother with receipt, some have not paid, yet they have access to food and hostel.” one of the boys explained.


“The receipt is just for some uninteresting games and stuff, no parent pays for them. Most parents pay for the basic things, like he said, you don’t need a receipt to access them.” The other boy added.


Peter took the boy’s advice and refused to introduce himself to his Guardian, he asked the two boys for advice whenever he needed help. He made new friends and convinced them to ignore their Guardian too.


About a week into camp, Peter noticed some groups of people enjoyed varieties of food, bigger rooms, and free access to all extra activities, they were like a special group with access to the pool, phones and the snack bar, they went out for excursions and other interesting stuff.


Peter wondered why, he made friends with one of the boys who told him, his father paid for everything, so he could have anything he wanted.


The two bigger boys told Peter it was no big deal and he should forget about it.


Peter did not like that there were things he could not access, because his father did not pay. He decided to call his father with one of the boys in the “special group’s” phone.


“Daddy, I have a favour to ask.” He said.


“Yes, son what is it? I hope you are enjoying camp.” His father replied.


“Well, not really, Daddy. Please please please can you pay for swimming and tennis coaching for me? Please, Daddy.


“Is that a new class?” His father asked.


“No, Daddy. Some people paid for extra classes” Peter explained.


“Did you ask your Guardian about it?” His father asked.


“I haven’t met him yet Daddy.” Peter stammered.


“Why haven’t you met him? Go and meet your Guardian to put you through, I told you I have paid for everything, I also included an option for you to share your access with any friend friend choose. Why are you calling to beg for what you already have? Go and meet your Guardian, Peter. His father hung up the phone.


Peter ran to his Guardian and introduced himself. He had been waiting for Peter and had sent people to call him on numerous occasions. Peter was shocked to learn everything was included in the receipt, he had been cheating himself all the while.


From that day, he became part of the “special people” group. The two boys stopped talking to him and tried to get others to do the same, but Peter did not mind. He was busy enjoying his privileges and encouraging those the boys deceived to meet their Guardian too.


Peter discovered the two boys were the only ones without a receipt, so they were luring ignorant people into their clique to be like them.


Peter and the people in the special group: Believers.


Those who know their God shall be strong and do exploits.


My people perish for lack of knowledge.


Guardian: the Holy Spirit




Peter’s fatherp: God/Jesus




The two boys: The Devil and the Unbelievers




Ufedo Love Illah

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