The Book Of Records

January 15, 2024




(Esther 6:1-3)


The King could not sleep.


He tossed and turned on the bed.


He closed his eyes.


Sleep eluded him.


He checked the time.


It was 2 am!


He picked his phone and browsed through Social Media.


Nothing serious.


He picked the remote and switched on the TV.


He went through Netflix.


He was not in the mood to see a movie.


He turned it off.


He laid back, staring at the ceiling…


He closed his eyes, willing himself to sleep.


He opened them again and checked the time.




It was the longest one hour of his life.


What is going on?


he had never had a problem with insomnia!


Why tonight?


He was tired.


His body was tired.


His mind was tired.


His spirit was tired.


But for whatever reason, he just could not find sleep…




He picked up the phone and called his Chief of Staff


“Good morning, Your Majesty”, the Chief spoke drowsily.


The King laughed!


“You were sleeping! I have been trying to sleep for the past 3 hours…”


“Should I call the doctor, Your Majesty?”


“No, it’s not that serious. Call the Record Keeper, tell him to come over to the Palace with the Book of Records.”


The Record Keeper was in the Royal Bedroom in 20 minutes.


“Good morning, Your Majesty!”


“Good morning! I want you to read that Book to my hearing…”


“It has 285 Volumes, Your Majesty. Where would you want me to start from?”


“Start from when Esther became Queen…”


“Ok, Your Majesty. That is from Volume 273!”


The Record Keeper opened his tab and punched in some commands.


Volume 273 came up.


He started reading…




By 5am, the Record Keeper was still reading.


If this was supposed to make the King sleepy, it was definitely not working!


The King laid on the bed, his eyes were closed.


He would smile once in a while and ask a question.


The Record Keeper wondered if he did that to make him know he was not sleeping yet.




Suddenly, the King jumped up!


The Record Keeper was startled!


“Could you go back a few lines? Something about Mordecai…”


The Record Keeper’s eyes went back to his tab.


“On the 5th of May, Mordecai reported to the Authorities of the coup plot he overheard…”


“I remember that incident! We carried out an investigation and the conspirators were rounded up, tried, found guilty and executed, right?”


“Yes, Your Majesty. It is all here in the Book of Records.”


But what was done for Mordecai? How was he rewarded for revealing the plot by those men?”


The Record Keeper went through the Book of Records. He typed in “Reward for Mordecai”.


Nothing came up!


“Er… Your Majesty; it seems he has not been rewarded…”


“What? Nothing was done for him? That is NOT right! That man MUST be rewarded and honored! And it must be done TODAY!”




Mordecai’s phone rang.


He opened his eyes and checked the time.


It was 5:48am!


Who could be calling this early, he wondered.


He picked the call reluctantly.


“Hello”, he said groggily.


“Good morning, sir. I am the Chief of Staff to King Ahasuerus. The King would like to honor you today, Sir


You are invited to the Palace by 12 noon…”




Haruna Daniels.

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