Redeeming The Time

January 15, 2024



(Ephesians 5:16)

Thomas and Joshua gained admission to study the same course in the same University the same year. They were course mates for 4 years.

When they completed the course, Thomas made a 1st Class, Joshua a 3rd.

Philip and Simon are age mates; they were born on the same day. At age 40, they were same height, same weight and same body type.

But at age 42, Philip was ripped, had a 6 pack and an athletic figure. Simon was fat with a potbelly.

Mark and Steve got Born Again on the same day in same Church Program. They attended the same Foundational Classes, they listened to the same sermons every week.

After 5 years, Steve had read through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation 15 times (3 times a year, different versions per time), Mark has not read through even once.

In these 3 scenarios, we don’t have to be with any of these men, we don’t have to do any analysis about their lifestyles, we don’t have to guess their daily activities. From the obvious results we see, we can decipher what each of them spent their TIME on.

Now, Joshua can try convince us why he made a 3rd class; “The lecturers hate me because I am more handsome than them! They are jealous of me!”

Simon can give excuses for being fat; “I have excess pituitary glands secretions, that is why I’m fat!”

Mark can say; “You have no idea how my daily schedule is! Besides, I am not called to be a Pastor…”

Their excuses may convince us they couldn’t have turned out any better under the circumstances, but the truth is Joshua, Simon and Mark did not spend their TIME as meticulously as Thomas, Philip and Steve.

While Thomas was studying, Joshua was sleeping.

When Philip was in the gym lifting weights, David was in the fast food outlet eating burgers.

The hours Steve spent reading the Scriptures daily, Mark spent watching movies.

What you spend your time doing WILL show.

When David got to the camp of the Army of Israel, he heard Goliath’s challenge. He decided to take him on and take him out. Ironically, none of the soldiers was willing to do that before David came! They were AFRAID, but David was BRAVE. You can easily tell what they had been spending their TIME on.

King Nebuchadnezzar set up an idol and demanded worship from all the people in his kingdom. There were thousands of Jews in the kingdom, but only 3 refused to obey the King: Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. The others would probably give excuses for worshiping King Nebuchadnezzar’s idol: “Wisdom is profitable to direct”, or “When in Rome, you do as the Romans”. But the scenario will tell you what those 3 young men spent their TIME on is radically different from what the others spent theirs on.

Prophet Elijah asked for a competition between himself and the Prophets of Baal. They agreed and the competition was fixed for Mount Carmel. Elijah alone against 400 Prophets of Baal! The odds were seemingly against him, but it is never about NUMBERS, it is never about STRENGTH. It is always about what you spend your TIME on.

Elijah was victorious because he spent his TIME on what and with who mattered.

I had a talk with a friend a while ago. She told me her challenges and she submitted; “I am scared, Harry! I don’t know what to do…”

I asked, “Why are you scared? What good will that do? How does that help your situation?” I quoted several Scriptures to encourage her not t be scared. “FEAR NOT!” I submitted.

She sighed.

“I wish I am as strong as you, Harry. I wish I can read the Bible as much as you!”

I just smiled.

The last few times I paid her a visit, she was glued to her TV watching Big Brother. But she wishes she could read the Bible as much as I do!

What do YOU spend TIME on, Bro?

What do YOU do with your TIME, Sis?

What are YOUR interests?

As a Believer, do you ENJOY building up yourself in your Most Holy Faith? Or do you prefer to spend your TIME on other things that have no Spiritual Value? The ONLY thing God gave to everybody equally is TIME. We all have 24 hours in a day. Nobody has more, nobody has less. No matter the age, gender, status, race or creed, we all have the same TIME. HOW you spend it, WHERE you spend it and WHAT you spend it on will ultimately decide the trajectory of your life.

I used to love watching football, especially the Premier League. But I haven’t watched any in a very long time: I just get the results online or watch 2 minute highlights on YouTube. There are more important things I can do with 90 minutes than spend them watching a football match! Same goes for movies…

Apostle Paul advised, “Redeeming the TIME…” Ephesians 5:16. another version says, “Making the most of the TIME…” Make the best use of your time, invest it on things that have real VALUE, not on the ephemeral.

You have only 24 hours in a day: MAXIMISE IT!


Haruna Daniels

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