LIMITLESS: Zechariah 2:1-4.

January 15, 2024


I once read about how the Indians tame their elephants.


Its leg is usually chained to a log pinned to the ground.


The elephant struggles to break free, it tries over time and sooner or later, it accepts its fate. It stops struggling. It limits itself to the range the chain would allow it reach.


Now, when the chain is removed, it still doesn’t go beyond the boundary. Why? Because the chain is no more on its leg, but in its mind.


The same can be said of the poultry chicken. It is confined to a space where all it does it eat, drink, sleep and lay eggs. When you bring it out, it doesn’t run. It doesn’t fly. It stays in one position because that is what it is used to. It has been conditioned to be in one spot, so when freedom comes, it doesn’t recognize it.


What limits you? What boundaries have you set for yourself? What walls have you constructed that holds you in prison?


As humans, there is the tendency to limit ourselves in our minds. We see levels we just believe we can never go beyond. As long as we entertain such thoughts, we will never go beyond it.


Two brothers, Wilbur and Orville Wright believed man could invent a machine that would fly. Nobody believed them. Nobody saw what they saw. They were convinced it was possible, despite the knowledge of science in their days. The scientists laughed at them. The people scoffed. They were ridiculed. But they believed in what they were doing. They invented the first aircraft and shut the mouth of the scoffers. They were not limited by the thinking of their generation.


What limits you?


I was at a party some years ago. Families gathered at a mutual friend’s house on Boxing Day to wine, dine and have fun. Towards the end of the party, the children were asked to line up for gifts. One by one, they would walk up to a lady who would hand them a gift. This girl of about 10 years walked up and stretched out her LEFT hand for her gift. The lady asked her to collect it with her RIGHT hand. She refused. She’s left-handed. She insisted on collecting with her left, the lady insisted on the right. The parents watched, waiting to see how the stand-off would end. The girl asked, “What is wrong with my left hand, ma’am?” The lady replied, “It is against our culture!” The girl responded, “Duh! Your culture is primitive!”


That lady is limited by culture. The girl is not.


What limits you?


Zechariah saw a man with a tape in his hand. He asked him, “Where are you going?” He replied, “I am going to measure Jerusalem, I want to know its length and breadth.” In other words, he wanted to know the LIMITATIONS of Jerusalem! He wanted to know what Jerusalem was limited to. He wanted to know where the jurisdiction of Jerusalem does not extend beyond.


You are Jerusalem. Someone somewhere has measured you with HIS TAPE. He has told you your limitations and you believed it. You have conditioned your mind not to go beyond the limits set for you. You want to go to the university, they tell you “You, university? Is it your type that go to the university? What did you smoke? Nobody in your family has gone beyond secondary school! You must be drunk to even think of that!”


You want to travel out of the country. Someone laughs at you. “You? Travel out of the country? Nobody in your family has ever left the village, nobody has even been to the state capital before, talk less of the airport! You are saying you want to travel out of the country! Are you sure you are ok?”


And they limit you with their tape! They tell you your length and breadth! They tell you the limitations they have set for you!


Don’t believe them anymore! Don’t live your life within their limitations anymore! Break free!


As the man walked away to measure Jerusalem, an angel appeared and said, “Run after him! Tell him Jerusalem shall be inhabited as a city WITHOUT WALLS!” Jerusalem shall be LIMITLESS!


You are limitless. You have been conditioned not to dream beyond a level. But you are FREE! Dream as high and as wide as you can!






Haruna Daniels

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