Demonstrators Of Power

January 16, 2024


Demonstrators Of Power

That some people will attribute the wonders of the Holy Spirit to the work of darkness is normal

Jesus told us to expect it

He said they called the spirit at work in Him Beelzebub

If you have not been so labeled, your gospel is only in words

It is not yet in Power

Remember this!

Someone I was once close to while having a discussion with a family friend said, “How can you explain someone that was a nobody in 2018 becoming a globally known minister of the gospel or the miracles or the move of the spirit?

His mother took him somewhere to do something for him, that changed his life”

When I heard it, I didn’t bother replying

One day, while we were standing in front of another elderly Christian, I mentioned it

This lady began to shake and tremble

She didn’t expect that I would hear it or even have the nerve to confront her with it.


When your dimension changes so drastically that everyone can see that something other than nature and time is at work, they will lean towards the supernatural

The problem is, they don’t know God but they know the devil

So they attribute your rise to the one they know

To them it is impossible for God to do wonders but they are sure the devil can

So every good thing they see, they insist the devil is responsible for it

You can’t really blame them for that, it is who they are

As for you, grow in grace and in the knowledge of Christ Jesus without any apology

Acknowledge every good work that is in you

Continue to blaze the trail and live out the Zoe life effortlessly

Enjoy yourself while doing this

Keep them guessing but refuse to see or acknowledge such people and their comments

They are nobody going nowhere!



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