Christ And The Superiority Mindset

January 15, 2024


It is not a mistake that God used Moses to write the first five books of the Bible and then used the Apostle Paul to write most of the New Testament

The educated mind has a lot of advantages over the uneducated mind, the educated mind upon which the breath of God or the anointing of the Holy Spirit rests is a unique instrument in the hands of God

It is therefore disappointing, to see educated people who actually went to school and are learned put aside their education out of a certain level of respect or regard for illiterate mindsets or means/methods and claim that tradition or culture also has one or two solutions to life’s troubles which can be employed or adopted to make their lives better

There is no solution to life’s issues outside of the Word of God! None whatsoever

Take the case of a medical doctor, who returned to Nigeria from abroad with a lot of money which he used for investment

His illiterate father told him there were witches in Nigeria who usually killed the rich and successful

This man agreed with his father that he might be in imminent danger from the hordes of hell

The solution his father proposed was for him to visit an herbalist and get some charms that would prevent his enemies from harming him

He agreed

He visited the herbalist who told him to take a cocoyam leaf, defecate in it and then eat the feces while it is still hot because nobody dares touch hot feces and nobody will be able to touch him once he did this

Now, this is a medical doctor, trained in Nigeria, The United Kingdom and The United States of America

Even a primary school pupil who has been taught the basic of hygiene knows eating feces is a bad idea

The man set aside the knowledge he had acquired with a lot of money and time invested and embraced foolishness in the name of “Superior knowledge of traditional or cultural or unorthodox means of solving problems”

He did as he was told and landed in the hospital, he was too embarrassed to explain to those attending to him why he set aside wisdom for foolishness

I met another man who studied civil engineering in a reputable university and was employed by a company in Lagos

He got an official car and a house plus he was placed on a very good salary

He went home to see his mother (He was an only son) and his mother saw how successful he was within a short time upon completing his education

His mother began to weep

“You are my only child and you are making way too much money. People who make all their money in life at once, die young. Why are you in a hurry to die and leave me a barren woman in my old age?)

Of course the woman didn’t know any better

She was an illiterate and illiteracy breeds superstitious beliefs and all sorts of beliefs that had nothing to do with reality

He tried to console the mother to no avail, the mother insisted they must visit a herbalist to ascertain what work his destiny chose from heaven and if he was meant to be rich and live a short life or poor and live a long life (As if it has to be mutually exclusive)

The herbalist told them he was destined to be a brick layer and must work from building site to building site helping others build houses

He resigned his job and became a brick layer

20 years later, he was still living with his mother in the house his late father built

His mother married an equally illiterate wife for him and he continued to struggle in life

It is a tragedy

The ability to have superior knowledge and be unable to use it to make your life and your circle of influence better

It Is a disaster

The ability to have superior knowledge and be willing to set it aside and embrace inferior knowledge or counsel in the name respect for tradition or sentiment

Jesus had superior knowledge, he kept the superiority mindset even though it was not popular to do so

Daniel had superior knowledge and he kept the superiority mindset even though it was not convenient to do so

Zacharias had superior knowledge and he kept the superiority mindset even though it was not convenient to do so

That your father, mother, landlord, neighbours, etcetera are luring you or advising you to adopt a means or a method or a way to solve a problem outside of Christ is not good counsel

The consequences are very dire

My car and that of my next door neighbour were stolen on the same night several years ago

I was a believer

My neighbor was an unbeliever

He found his car less than 24 hours later

It was abandoned on the expressway

My landlord sent for me and said “Your neighbour’s car has been found, all he did was consult a Muslim cleric and the cleric did something for him; within a day, the car was located. Will you like to meet this cleric so that he can help you find your car?”

I started laughing

The car was a Nissan Almera, I had already told God I wanted a better car. Why would I leave my faith to consult demons because of a car stolen by demon possessed thieves?

I am full of the Holy Spirit, my lot is better in Christ

It took me 10 months but I got a Toyota Camry at the time without any sweat

The ten months of waiting were not a loss too, I learnt a lot about myself and my conviction of Christ in that season of waiting

Nicodemus had inferior knowledge, he was even a teacher of the inferior knowledge and he was well respected

When he met with Jesus, Jesus showed him what superior knowledge looked like with evidence

Jesus was not intimidated by Nicodemus neither did he consider him as having a sort of wisdom that could be learned or gleaned from too

I have heard the saying that wisdom is not domiciled in only one entity, this is wrong!

Christ is the power and wisdom of God-Period!

Once a believer has come to know this and absolutely believe it, the believer begins to dig deep into the right knowledge which is Christ

Peter admonished us to grow in grace and in the Knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ

There is much to learn about Christ and in Christ and the more a believer learns is the more a believer grows into the full stature of Christ

You can never do more than your level of knowledge of Christ.

What you know determines what you can do and this is the evidence that will adorn your walk in Christ

I have seen individuals, desperate to be rich or to have a child or get married or to achieve fame and/or success who decided to abandon Christ and the church for the ways of the world

They assume Christ is a shackle or a restrain to their goals rather than the giver of all things

They forget that Jesus already told every believer that without Him we can do nothing!

I have seen the labour of their olive fail and the struggle of their vines come to nothing, I have seen their fig trees refuse to blossom, I have seen their grape budding as if it would be fruitful only for it to become diseased and unfulfilled

It always ended in premium tears, regret and maximum losses

Christ is not just the spirit in the believer, He is also the only environment where the believer can thrive without any limit

When Daniel found himself in the middle of magicians, voodoo practitioners, sorcerers, satraps, conjurers, witches and wizards, jujumen and spiritualists of all kinds from all over the world

He knew they all had their own means of doing things spiritually, but he was convinced only he serves the true God and he proved it over and over again

Many Christians today would have been going to the other “knowledgeable folks” in that team claiming they just want to increase their level of wisdom and knowledge

Solomon did this and it led to his downfall

A believer who considers any other source but Christ is a fool whose foolishness will be very costly both in the short term and in the long run

I know a believer named Emmanuel who left Christ to become an unbeliever several years ago in exchange for a lot of money

He was working at an Arabian embassy, he was the only Christian there and the embassy folks decided they will not allow a Christian thrive in their midst

They promised him heaven and earth and they fulfilled the promise

Because of the goodies he received, he became very wealthy, built mansions and became “Olowo Arab” (Rich man of Arab) in a community in Oyo State

Money however cannot satisfy

When you don’t have it, you crave it

After you have gotten it, you realize you can never have enough of it

In order to ensure he didn’t go back to Christ he was encouraged to marry many wives and father many children

He was encouraged to sponsor many religious programmes

All his mansions had mosques built in them

The Christian community had lost a brother, but the gift of salvation is everlasting life

Christ does not lose any that has been committed to him

The Holy Spirit is a keeper and he does not lose those that have been kept in Him in Christ

This rich man suffered one loss, the death of a son who died at 29

He threw money at this sickness

It was incurable

He was convinced his son could have died either way but he knew the young man did not die in Christ and would never be resurrected on the day of the second coming of Christ

This bothered him

He was saved and he was sure the game he was playing to be rich was not going to damn his soul but he didn’t envisage any of his children dying while believing the lie he was living

He called a family meeting and told his children and immediate family the truth

He encouraged them to give their lives to Christ and thrive as Christians while he continued to pretend to the world that he was a pillar of the religion he embraced due to life’s circumstances

Dear Christian, let your faith not be an adornment of the flesh,

Let the reality of Christ and the consciousness of Christ come alive in your Spirit

You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, a royal priesthood, a Holy nation called forth to show the praises of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light

Always remember this!

You are children of the day, children of obedience, heirs of the kingdom, remember this always

There is nothing in the realm of darkness that can make your life better

Christ is the absolute power and the wisdom of God

There is no wisdom elsewhere, there is no knowledge elsewhere, Christ is the be all and end all of every form of knowledge!


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