March 31, 2022


25 March 2022

I had planned to read the Book
after my Garden visit today.
As I made to leave and reached
out to pick up my phone for
the app, I heard Him ask
“Why don’t you sit here with Me
and read today”?
I struggled to understand, cos I thought…

“But every time I read the Book,
I pray for the eyes of my
understanding to be opened,
And for You to speak to me.
Isn’t that the same?”
“Just sit here with Me and
read today”, He repeated.
He was already sitting on a
bench and motioned for me
to come sit beside Him.

The bench was underneath what
looked like an oak tree
(googled it later).
The back was resting on the
trunk of the tree. I hadn’t noticed
this part of the Garden before.
I took my seat beside Him.
Then opened to Romans 8 to
continue reading.
I had stopped at Romans 7 earlier.

It was a different experience I tell you.
I’d ask questions and I’d get answers.
I took notes too.
Sometimes He would nod His head
in agreement. Other times, the understanding would just come to me.

I would also feel it…
Like Romans 8:2 that talks about the power of the life-giving Spirit…
I felt His life flowing through me
when I read that.
Imagine reading the Word with
the WORD (not sure how to explain it).
The things I read were clearer though.

Time for me went by so fast.
I should have made more time
Why hadn’t I ever thought of
doing this before? Lol
Romans 8 is a long passage.
I stopped taking notes after a
while and just read on after
I remembered a meeting I had
scheduled with my dissertation supervisor earlier ??

She had been away ill for months,
just got back and needed for
us to meet. This meant the last
part of my reading was somewhat
rushed because I didn’t realize
how fast time had flown.
But it was good.
I need to make more time for this.

Abba loves you. ❤️
Live loved!!! Always!

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