April 12, 2023


There is nothing like a SPIRITUAL ATTACK!
The things men suffer from in the metaphysical realm are all directly related with the soul.
Man doesn’t have a spirit that can be attacked.
When Adam was created, he was created a spirit
When Adam was formed from dust, he was given a body.
When Adam’s spirit and body were joined together, there was no response, no activity, no animation, no life, Nothing!!!
Then God breathed into this Spirit and Body and the soul was formed.
That breath is famously called the breath of life.
Life here means animation, activity, activation, essence.
Adam was created with Zoe life. He was formed of matter. The Zoe and Matter were fused together but the two refused to work together or agree.
Then God introduced His breath, Bios, into Adam and he was quickened by it, So Adam had two forms of life in him- The Zoe (His original spirit) and The Bios (The life he received so that his body can function.
When God told him he would die if he ate the forbidden fruit, God was referring to his original life (Zoe) being taken away.
Adam ate the fruit and lost the Zoe. He began to function with only the Bios and his flesh; so, he was essentially spiritually dead.
How then can someone who is spiritually dead experience a spiritual attack?
Unbelievers therefore can only be attacked in their souls because they do have a living spirit.
The devil can only attack the soul of a man or woman, he cannot touch the Spirit of such a person because there is no spirit to touch.
The very thing he accomplished that gave him rulership over mankind was his killing of the Spirit of Adam by tempting him to eat the forbidden fruit.
This was why the first Adam was referred to as a living soul and the second Adam (Jesus) called a LIFE-GIVING SPIRIT.
Now to the Born-Again Christian, the day you gave your life to Jesus, you became spiritually alive.
Jesus gave you LIFE by His Spirit. This life (SPIRIT) is kept and hidden in HIM, therefore it cannot be attacked.
A man or woman who is full of the Spirit and is speaking in tongues cannot be attacked spiritually.
To think of such is an insult.
To say categorically that a demon can attack the Holy Spirit and win is to insult the very essence of God HIMSELF.
However, a Christian who is unmindful of this reality can face attacks on his soul metaphysically.
There have been numerous reports of believers who experience one form of ill or the other due to demonic activity and as a result came to the conclusion that the ill was a spiritual attack on them. It is not.
The devil was not given any power or jurisdiction over the spirit of any man, since the mandate he stole was only accessible to be stolen after man had died spiritually.
This is why the soul was what had always been associated with him.
You will hear terms like, “He sold his soul to the devil” Or “Troubler of the souls of men” or “What will it profit a man to sell his soul and gain the whole world?” or “What can anyone give in exchange for their soul?”
The devil was never able to gain dominion over the Spirit of Adam and therefore he has no jurisdiction over your Spirit. Even as an unbeliever (you had none) and in Christ, the Lord of your Spirit is Jesus!
So please stop using that term when your soul is troubled. Shift your gaze to the fourth dimension, the realm of Faith.
This is where we sort out issues buffeting the soul by the Spirit.
Build up your most Holy Faith, pray in the Holy Ghost, reorder the issues disturbing your soul, change that reality by the word of your mouth in the place of prayer, and be free of the chokehold of the evil one.
This is an esoteric teaching, meant for the initiates in Christ.
If you read it and need some clarification, pls send me a DM.
You can also posit your argument but pls come with Scripture.
One of the things we are encouraged to do in Christendom is to grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ!
Good morning.
Have a wonderful week ahead.


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