Spicing the love boat

January 15, 2021


What she wanted to do was spice
things up
Her marriage was too boring, too
Sometimes it takes a lot of efforts
for her husband to get it up and for
him to last long enough for her to
get there was also a herculean task
They used to be very sexually
compatible but
after thirteen years in the love boat,
the “see finish” syndrome crept in
She felt she was no longer exciting
He had settled into life as a man
and was no longer trying to do
“playboy” with her
It was a terrible sinking feeling
for her
A terrible omen about the close
of a season of excitement and joy
She started reading books about
prolonging the fun
It didn’t start with the book though
It started with an old secondary
school friend
He chatted her up and somehow
their conversation took an exciting
It was the last thing she expected
after two children
She blocked the guy on WhatsApp
but he had unsettled the river flowing
around her ovaries
She was determined to explore the
tingling with her husband
She did her researches
She bought some herbal spices and
libido boosters
They were overdue for a second
When she broached the topic with her
He laughed it off
He told her they are best friends and
soul mates
He really didn’t want to be jumping up
and down excitedly in the name of sex
He had settled down to living the
responsible life but she was not
convinced that was the best
He was not the cheating kind
The downside of that was his total lack
of adventure when it comes to sex
She had a lot of dreams and fantasies
that she believed she should live
through in her lifetime
They were in her imagination but
her husband wouldn’t even try to
explore them
It was quite frustrating for her
She had even given up on them until
the recent turn of events
She decided something must give
So she made all the arrangements
and pushed him hard
She spiced up his fluids with some
boosters and started working very
hard at opening him up to some
new stuff on their marital bed
She knew it was a process and she
was determined to see it through
Then her husband had mild stroke
It was totally unexpected
He drove home from work and it
happened right after he parked his car
He simply couldn’t move the left
side of his body
He got help and was rushed to the
hospital on time
Somehow the stroke was arrested
and he recovered
He was in the hospital for a month
He improved so well daily that by
the end of the month he was as
good as new
He was discharged on a Saturday
By Sunday morning his parents
and siblings were at their house
They came to have a meeting where
she was accused of selfishly and
recklessly endangering his life
His older sister, a medical doctor told
everyone that she came to their
house to check for environmental
factors that could have triggered the
stroke and discovered many of the
natural boosters and herbal boosters
meant to spice up their sex life
Her husband was the one that told
his sister about the pressure she
placed him under in the name of sex
and the stuff she bought in the
name of spicing things up
He had come to hate her!
She saw it in his eyes and heard it
in his voice
He blamed her for trying to kill him at
the age of 43 because she had a libido
she wanted him to satisfy
She was the devil.
It was the worst day of her life
Everything took an unexpected turn
It was as if the devil had
set a trap for her and she had unwittingly
walked into it
She was almost thrown out of her
home that day
She cried and cried
Her saving grace was her husband’s
He said “This was an innocent mistake
and she shouldn’t have to pay for it
with her life”
That was the only thing
that saved her from losing everything
After that day, it took time for her
husband to trust and become friends
with her again
He really believed she exposed him
to danger deliberately because she
wanted to have kinkier sex
She sort of understood that the stroke
scared him and he
had to blame someone for it
All her lofty dream of living out
her sexual fantasies died with that
She learned to channel her energy
into her career and business and raising
her children
She still had sex with her husband but
she took whatever he had to offer at
any point in
She had come to realize that there is
more to life than sex.
Only the healthy can have sex and many
people would rather live a good long life
than have great sex and die young

PS: The incident happened in 2017
She is still married to her husband

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