Something Better Than Gold

August 6, 2021



We went to the 2007 Nigeria Private University Games as an athlete, I was to play single and then doubles in Scrabbles.
I took it very seriously.
I had won medals several times before that one but that was my final NPUGA Games. (It was a biannual event and I had been to the first one at Igbinedion in 2005 and I did well)
There was this guy who happened to be very good at scrabble. He got rusticated from his former school and then came to start again at Bowen University. He was about 35 years old at the time. We both got our gold medals in the singles event. We were sure bankers to win gold for the doubles event. No school wanted to be drawn against us. We got to the venue of the game, a lady came to watch us play. This brother kept starring at this lady, even before the games started.
After some minutes, he stood up and left me on the desk where we were playing a warm-up game, he went to speak with the lady. I didn’t know what they said to each other, this brother followed the lady and they left the game’s venue. Wow.
Game time, I didn’t see him.
We would be disqualified unless I show up with another partner. I picked a 100 level student from my school to be my partner. We won silver, The team from Igbenedion University beat us silly.
I saw this brother later, I was angry.
He said “Better don’t take this thing seriously, there is no future in it. it is all fun o” Hmmm.
He is married to the lady now with three children.
He found something better than gold


Good midnight sir,
Testimony time!!! I know you are resting but I can’t keep calm!

My mum suddenly got a notice yesterday that they were going to demolish the building where she stays by the 15th of August, (its an official apartment) she had earlier gotten the notice of the demolition but it wasn’t going to affect her office and apartment.
So she called me and said she had called all the HODs and all she knew to call and they all asked her to get ready that their hands were tied as the order was from ‘above’.
Hmmm, so I told her to give me two days that I would get back to her.
After the call, I prayed and said “Sweet Holy Spirit I cannot be running helter-skelter, within the next 24 hours, I want my mother to get a call reversing this instruction before 3:15 pm tomorrow”.
Brother Genga, the architect in charge called her by 2:50 pm today that he knows it is short notice so she should take her time to sort everything before the end of the year.
My body has been vibrating sir!
We can never be at a disadvantage when we have a caring Father

Glory to God!!!!!!

-Omotayo N-

Good evening sir.

Let me quickly drop this testimony sir.

So I had issues with my bank throughout last weekend, o couldn’t do any transaction, I thought it was network.
On Monday I was able to see the account balance but didn’t notice the negative there.
I.noticed when I tried making a transaction on Tuesday evening, then it says I have a negative.
I was shocked because I didn’t borrow any money.

I went to the bank yesterday morning and I was told it was a transaction I made earlier last month that I tried it prior when I had the money in my account, I was like, so you people borrowed me money without my consent and without an alert.

So they gave me 2 options, to either wait and get a debit alert them mail the organization i.made the transaction to, to confirm.
Or wait till Monday to see if there is a reversal or change in the account.

I was pissed, I needed to make a transfer and I don’t have cash.
I rely on the money in the account.

I got home, sent their customer service a mail.
I got a response that an agent will contact me soon.

Then I remembered you spoke about lying down and telling the Holy Spirit

Then I told the Holy Spirit, pls, I need money, let this thing be corrected Today.

I slept off and woke up to a credit alert and the account balance corrected by the bank.

I was so glad.

The agent that was promised will reach out to me reached out this evening and I told him,it’s been sorted, thank you.

It works!!!


Good evening bro Gbenga! You’re such a blessing. Thank you for all the teachings and your labour of love. I’ve been so blessed and have been putting to practise all the things you’re teaching us and I’m seeing so many results. I have so many testimonies o but this one just happened???.
I’m walking in my new reality in Christ and I’m loving it.?
Aa’ah! This just happened…got back from work and saw my mum’s eyes red. She asked me to please give her some pain reliever. The Holy Spirit said I should lay hands on her and heal her. As I laid my hands on her head, as soon as started praying in the spirit, and I said ‘The word of God says I shall lay my hands on the sick and they shall recover…body hear the word of the Lord and begin to respond to it now…’ my body began to vibrate o. It feels so good ?and then I left her to prepare dinner. Then I remembered and asked her, she said as soon as I finished praying, it was like cold water was poured on her eyes, the pain left and the headache was gone. ????
Glory! The first instant healing. Oh wow! Oh thank You Holy Spirit.
Then this evening teaching just sealed it??
Thank you brother Gbenga. Love you and all the GSWMI family. ??

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