Solving Mysteries

August 3, 2021


There was an assignment that i had to do
It was either i got it right or i lose my job
I was trained as a software engineer, i specialize in data management
I came to the USA to work after years of studies in China and Russia
But since i got here i had been making errors
I cannot explain it sir
Sometimes i know what to do and i end up doing the wrong thing
So last week something happened at work and one of our customers wrote a letter of complaints
My supervisor was sure it was my fault but i was very careful that week
because i had been given two strikes
I really needed this job
Yesterday morning he called all the new recruits and he gave us an assignment
He said those who cannot solve it should not bother resuming today
It was something in another area of coding called python
I was told he does this whenever he wanted to sack or weed off those he saw as incompetent
I didn’t know how to do the assignment
I had no idea
I called my wife in Nigeria and told her it is possible that the next thing she will hear was that i had returned home
We had been praying together that i succeed so that she can come over
Yesterday night, she sent me the link to the prayer line called Berachah
I joined when we were told to bless ourselves
Then something happened
i saw a vision
i saw it clearly
I quickly opened my laptop and started typing the things i saw
Brother Gbenga, I got to the office this morning and gave the answer to my boss
He looked at me and said “Are you not the boy from Nigeria, the data guy
I nodded
He told me to go to the office downstairs and resume at the data management department
Up till 2 pm this afternoon, none of the other recruits showed up
I was the only one who got the assignment right sir
I was given my letter of employment and designated to the data section
(this is my core competence)
This is my testimony sir
God came through for me
Brother Gbenga, I will never miss Night of Glory again

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