May 16, 2022


He was a poor guy working
in a very rich neighborhood,
he was fortunate to get the job
and he treasured the job with all
his heart. It was while on the
job that he met her, a beautiful
young lady who came to the office
asking if they had a photocopier
because she needed one urgently
She was willing to pay for the
services but their office was a
law firm and he was only a
glorified messenger.
His official title was Office
Assistant/Facility manager, he got
the job through somebody in the
church he was attending and all
he had at the time was his SSCE

It was while he was employed
in the office that he gained admission
to the National Open University and
The Lagos State Polytechnic at the
same time. The job was demanding on
some days and less demanding on
others but he found a way to cope.
He got his certificates and was duly
promoted from facility manager to Office
Assistant/Assistant Admin
His salary increased a little,
his office was moved upstairs and
his responsibilities increased.
He kept his head down, that is,
until the day they met…
He did the photocopies for her,
she hurried off with just a word
Of thanks.

A few minutes later, she rushed
back into the office asking for the
original document. He said he had
given it to her, but she said she
couldn’t find it. They began to search
for it. A few minutes later, a cleaner
brought in the document
The cleaner said it fell off
her hands while she was hurrying off
earlier. She apologized and they
exchanged numbers. She said she
would call later to thank him because
she was in a hurry. He didn’t
expect her to keep her word. She
called and they chatted.
Something unusual began to stir in his
He knew he shouldn’t.

The wise must always know their
place in this life but she was warm,
friendly, jovial, and down to earth.
The more he told her about himself,
his poor background, and poverty reality
The more she chatted with him and
called him. He sent her pictures of the area
he was living. Though it was in Lagos,
she had never been to a place
like that. She was even shocked,
that the place was in Lagos and
said she had to check google maps
to confirm. What was a guy like him
doing with a girl like that?
He knew he should run, fade,
vamoose… but…

One day she came around to
pick him up in her car after work
and they went to a restaurant close
by to talk. It was another chapter
of goodness and grace
He loved her company.
The things he knew, she didn’t know
It was like living in two different worlds.
She told him about New York
Belize, Morocco, Dubai
He told her about Ikorodu, Oshodi,
Ajegunle, cult clashes, police raids,
and hunger bouts

She had no guile, you know,
she couldn’t keep a secret
She had that habit of blurting
out stuff like white people
That was the only thing he
didn’t like about her
She was too open, like a waterfall
He was in the office one morning
when an elderly man walked in
It was at about noon.
The man asked to see the
CEO of the company he worked for.

The man was rich, very rich
He was taken to the CEO’s office
immediately. The meeting lasted for about
ten minutes
The rich man left.
The CEO called the admin manager
and the Managing Director
There was a brief meeting.
The admin manager called for him
through the intercom.
He got to the CEO’s office.
The CEO said, “Why are you
soliciting and harassing ladies in
this estate?”
He didn’t understand the question at
first, he was just looking like cowbell.
The CEO repeated the question
He still didn’t get it.
The admin Manager said “The man that
just left is the father of so and so,
he said you are harassing his daughter
and taking her to local joints etc”
He almost fainted
He said the lady was his friend
The CEO laughed and said “You have
become a security risk to this firm and
the estate at large. What if the
lady was kidnapped while you were
going to those places to hang out?
You will be an accessory to kidnapping?
Don’t you know how much she will be
worth in the wrong hands?
He never thought that far.
He was sacked that day.
He was forced to delete her numbers
and made to sign an undertaking that
if anything happened to her, he should
be held responsible.
That was it.
After ten years of hard work and
commitment. The CEO said that
was what the lady’s father demanded.
He got home that day crying
like a mad man. A job that he
had kept so delicately for so
long was taken away from him
within ten minutes by a wealthy man
whose daughter made the mistake of
hanging out with him
Just like that!

It took him four months to get
another job as a customer care
representative for an Indian-owned
The working conditions were hard
and the pay was quite poor
The lady for whom he suffered
didn’t even try to call or send
him a mail. He was forced to
delete her contact but he had
somehow hoped she would reach
out to him.
She didn’t

From that job, he got another
until one day he stumbled into
the yogurt business through a friend
living in Kano. The friend wanted to
open shops in Lagos but didn’t know
anyone in Lagos and reached out to him
That was it.

Within two years things had gotten
appreciably better for him economically
He built his first house in the suburb
and continued to grow in business.
One day, he saw her at the airport
He was flying to Kano via Abuja.
She was flying to Abuja.
They were on the same flight
She saw him and he could
see that she recognized him but
she didn’t even smile or pretend
like he was a human being.
It hurt him to be treated
that way despite all that he had
made of himself.

When they got to Abuja, he was
supposed to stay on the aircraft for
the journey to Kano
He deplaned and followed her
till they got to the taxi park and
called her name.
She turned around and screamed.
She said she wasn’t sure if
he was the one on the plane,
sitting in the first-class cabin,
that was why she didn’t say
hello on the flight
They rode together and talked
He wanted to be with her badly.
It was as if he became rich
so that he could at least come
close to her status and get accepted
by her folks. They were both
still very much single.

She was in a Abuja for a conference,
he flew to Kano the next morning
and flew back to Abuja a day after
that to spend the rest of the week
with her. When the week was over,
she asked him what next.

He said “We go into our separate worlds”
She said “Okay, I understand”
They parted ways.
To him, that was an appropriate closure
To her, it was a door to possibilities
Two days after they got to Lagos,
she called. They met over lunch.
She called after another two days
inviting him to dinner at a restaurant
in Ikeja. They were practically becoming
an item

On a Saturday, she asked if he could
come and pick her up at home
for an event they both planned
to attend. He drove to her house
Her father saw him and said
“Hello young man, are you the
one seeing my daughter?”
He said “Yes sir”
Her father said “Who is your
father, where do you work,
because this one has a habit
of dragging dead cats into the house”
He didn’t reply
He turned and walked away.

PS: That was the end of the relationship
He said he couldn’t stand her father
and would rather keep away than
get involved with such a family
The lady tried to convince him
that it was because her father
came from a poor background
that he behaved like that.
It didn’t work.


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